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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Metallica - Beyond Magnetic EP

Year : 2011
Genre : Thrash Metal
Label : Vertigo
Origin : United States
Rating : 8.2 / 10

Metallica is quick to release an EP following the controversial Lulu quasi-shockumentary that gave your mom a series of successful nervous breakdowns. Beyond Magnetic sounds bravely old school and "garagy" - sorry about that - in a skillfully and tastefully researched Black Sabbathian way, and the Metallica members thankfully bring re-invigorated thrash heft with relevant melodic power, hell, yes! James Hetfield's voice sounds especially ripe, confident and complete, in my opinion. Notice how he sometimes exhibits a midrange timber that is very reminiscent to Freddy Mercury's. What I personally hear on this release leaves me absolutely content as far as the post-black album Metallica era is concerned, and here is why : I always liked the Load and Reload albums, despite the amount of flame those albums seemed to have generated, and the nature of this EP brings to mind character-similarities with the direction of those two black sheep LPs, in my opinion. Beyond Magnetic does not sound to me as cyber-polished OR gritty as Death Magnetic does, yet still sounds superb in the spirit of a much different, more restrained, yet sanely chosen and well focused music methodology. This restrained, but at heart hefty Metallica is more authentic to me to be honest than Dave Mustaine is with a song to the metalcore adolescent, WTF. Read on to find out more about this Metallica EP.

You know the recent day Metallica listening deal : good old fashioned-, always honest Larsian 4/4 pummeling - check out this timeless EPIC FAIL video about Lars Ulrich, too - interchanged with melodic sequences that promise a lot to sink your teeth into, and rightfully so, because, though these compositions are accessible and relatively simplistic in nature, - not necessarily a hindrance, nor benefit - this simplicity never lacks musical exigency and convince power, and the riffcraft is pretty stable, too. Classic Hetflield riffing with great sense and taste exhibited throughout the mere sonic frequency domains, and, oh, Kirk Hammet's feet are still glued to the whammy bar, and she is not afraid to use it!! Unbelievable!

Metallica seems to be taking the fanbase seriously, and this new EP, regardless how similar it is in parts for earlier works, - example : opening track "Hate Train" has this intensified segment. This totally sounds like "Fuel". This is not a problem by me at all, I'm just saying - is once again the Metallica you can regard as a formation that seeks to entertain and not to self-indulge, though I do not find all that much need in myself to flame the Lulu superlong-play anymore. One has the hunch that the next Metallica LP is coming through a space-time rift near you, and there is nothing else to add to this than what Caleb would.

Bring it ooooooon!

Rating : 8.2 / 10

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