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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Empty Space Orchestra - Empty Space Orchestra review

Year : 2011
Genre : Progressive Instrumental Rock
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Rating : 9.6 / 10

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The music of Empty Space Orchestra recognizes no value dearer than its right-, its mere freedom to go anywhere, anyhow. This self titled affair is a commandingly elegant and very natural-sounding - very REAL sounding - instrumental album with huge capacities to cast a variety of top level spells on you, each having warranty to calibrate you at the core if you let them. The reason for this is none other than an ubiquitous sense of - this may sound strange at first - organized randomness, to which the band exhibits lifting faithfulness throughout.

Here is what I mean by organized randomness : Empty Space Orchestra shows superb melody-, rhythm-, and hookcraft to keep your receptors stimulated during the interstellar compositions, and the sense of incidental occurrence of these finely presented elements also is maintained by the band. Nothing is served without crystal clear thought and crystal clear emotion, and there always is a lot going on on this special spin as far as the actual ways of relevant musical development. This LP is one simple hook lasting for 50 minutes. The flow is exceptionally free and so abundantly content-rich musically even when witnessed from the most rigorous field of view of ultimate value scrutinization, that the 50 minutes this record schedules the thorough space trip for, reign far beyond the safety-need to offer a money back guarantee, and this becomes super-obvious by giving the simple act of focus to any single moment of this significant disc. There are no weak parts on this baby, and you really owe yourself to check this one out, in my opinion. Read more to - a dramatic turn of events - read more about it.

Empty Space Orchestra worships any mood any time of the day as long as it has entertainment value, and demonstrates superb sobriety by making the offered moods reveal their ultimate meaning. As noted, I personally have found no blemishes on this release, - and stopped looking for them pretty soon, too - "just" pure progression of super-exigent audio content that speaks a special kind of sci-fi music, a dialect that has equal capacity to calibrate your imagination and to immerse you into a bottomless wormhole of treasures containing fine sonic data. This album packs so much significance, despite not having a single comprehensible word sang or spoken on it, "only" the freely interpretable-, to-be-deciphered information that is created by the pitches, the timbers, the gaps, to be internally assembled and registered as the delicate purpose of this fine nervous system hack device! Furthermore : !!exclamationmark

Empty Space Orchestra is the equivalent of rampant wild space running amok on you, just to surprise you with the fact that it actually shows no interest in eradicating your existence. The album, in character, shows a peaceful stance all the way, and packs virtually no aggression or function-lacking heft for the sole sake of the brisk tempo. What I consider exceptionally nice from this album, is the following : the efficiency level of the tracks is never traded in for self-indulgent behavior, - wankery solos - and the constant serving of melodic/harmonic hooks remains the key agenda. In another review I wrote that the creators do not satisfy with "just delivering", they seek to deliver with a clear conscience. You can say the same about this album, too.

This release emerges exceptional by having zero clue about itself doing it, as it never aspired to do so at the first place. It just wanted to exigently entertain in the sonic domain - the complete lack of vocals is a "delicate" - < - irony - sign of this. This release is more significant than you currently contemplate it to be, and also is a special ticket for a special ride, and the best part of it is that you can take it numerous times, and you will want to, too. Ripe, super-focused, and hooky as hell by a hot summer day, Empty Space Orchestra is instant ear candy with immense capacities to calibrate your nervous system. Open up your ears, schmuck!

Rating : 9.6 / 10

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