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Monday, December 5, 2011

Cormorant - Dwellings review

Year : 2011
Genre : Progressive Metal with Black and Sludge tendencies
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Rating : 9.5 / 10

Cormorant is an independent progressive metal band that exhibits zero interest in modern day production wizardry, and brings to you instead all elements of the classic-, stone traditional metal sound in their unalloyed bare amp lushness. This strategy equates to a fabric that is out to affect by sheer-, intimate amp charisma, but the compositional work on this release breaths life to a series of so bravely varied songs - mainly epic ones in proportions, around the 10 minutes mark - that the album's much welcomed "seriousness" about ripe musical entertainment is truly rare to witness and a privilege to hear.

Cormorant, thank God and Co. and the band members, does not take you, the listener for a lobotomized sloth on newly developed sedation pills, and assumes that once you have been served a nice arpeggiated section, then you - mysteriously enough! - will know that you have just been served a nice arpeggiated section without having to listen to it for yet another minute. In the next moment, you find yourself in an exceptionally unforgiving black metal build, and you can't be sure how long it will last, and where it will take you. As such, this LP exhibits much more ripeness and ultimate value than an average commercial record - even a solid one - does, because it is not satisfied with "just" delivering, it is in a constant-, superb effort to do that with a clear artistic conscience. Not something you can assume from every one of those. (Artists.)

While this behavior of delivering traditional metal with top production values rhymes with that of robust relative soulmate act Hammers of Misfortune, Cormorant sports a more rabid spectrum of favorite moods and genres to stroll along. Fear not : everything the band touches, is operated with a sober mind and trusty hand, and "ambition", as mere entity, is never enjoys the position to project itself as a malevolent harasser of the resultant stimuli, which no doubt is of top of the heat quality herein, packing that especially rare trait of being able to offer true sonic content, no matter the turn the flow of the music takes. Read on to find out more about this significant LP.

With 55 minutes of relentless-, stone classic metal sound in which the only-, but, doubtlessly quite relevant variant is "just" music, - yes, I have just lost a level - Dwellings is as triumphantly efficient as it is demanding, which is yet another similarity the band seems to share with Hammers of Misfortune. This LP, though stable as a stronghold with a Lich Emperor in it, is exhausting as a full spin, yet, once touched, it satisfies with nothing less than that. At least. The instrumental content on the album is especially organic as far as the dynamics the record is fond of utilizing, and no doubt the fabric manages to remain complex and soberly varied without having to rely on cheap techniques like forcing random scale patterns into existence along the function of doing just that, like in a Dream Theater "let's see who ejaculates next!!" wankmarathon.

The record, wisely enough, refrains from seeking to declare one particular favorite sense of mood to build for all the way per song, and has no problem trading grandiosity for chill or especially rabid-, zombie-in-your-bed-grade black metal for legit sludge. During 55 minutes, the album has a whole lot of real estate to prove that it knows how to entertain the ears, and you will never find this release being afraid of letting something go, or being obsessed with any of its creations. Track number 4, called "Junta" is a good example of how flamboyant and restless the fabric can develop to be as herein, and, take note that you hear the majority of these elegant sonic elements only for a brief amount of time. Which is all the more reasons for you to revisit them later.

Thanks to its commanding behavior of not being afraid to release something, - to release anything, for that matter - and entertain on without you protesting for the elements your ears have been just deprived of, Cormorant's Dwellings emerges as a rare contribution that simply does not acknowledge the concept of running out of legit musical ideas, regardless what direction the music takes. And it takes a lot of those, and it is safe to say that the territory it arrives to is never vacant of a central mood that is reigning on that particular territory with a crystal clear mind an an iron fist. Make no mistake, the most powerful drug of them all is sobriety. For your information, the album demands multiple listens, which is the least you can expect from music worth doing that with.

You can buy the album through > - this < - site, and doing so goes directly to the artists, so they can continue to work and deliver.

Rating : 9.5 / 10

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