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Friday, March 31, 2017

Tripp Denom - The Funktional Addict EP review

Year : 2017
Genre : Stoner Indie, Hip Hop
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site: > - here - <

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San Francisco-based Tripp Denom cultivates a diverse set of culturally popular addictions, combined with the relentless urge to create hip hop songs about the numerous peak moments engineered and harvested during his favorite pastimes and most successful hedonistic exploits.

Indeed, an ultra-hedonistic approach to life is clearly observable: Tripp Denom is a passionate user of ganja, cars, and female flesh, so pretty much each and every song is a clear declaration towards the simple realization of some-, or all degree of this layered truth. There are two types of moods on the EP: throughout the first narrative ethos, you will be stoned like a petrified ancient vamp motherfucker, and the music won't relent, it will organize the remnants of your free will into complete submission, using only tender but firm tentacles to accomplish this goal, and it will encompass you into an inescapeable purple haze - oh Hai Jimmy, 'the fuck are you doing here! - then the plot - and your magic - thickens, as a woman soars into your view in full combat readiness, revealing her commodities, and marketing the promise of metaphysical unification. Each part is free to grab, very literally, and yes, it has a soul, but today there is no need to convince her of your capabilities as a man of societal stature - she already knows that there is an ecosystem working in the background, - that is why she is here, you idiot - and she came to put the cherry on its top. All problems solved. So, in these songs of moody haze, you will combat to the death with voluptuous female ass and epic tits of evolutionary profitability drawn directly from the mere flesh of the cosmos, and you will surely suffer a barrage of nervous breakdowns if you are a gender-politician to any degree. This disc is sexist like fuck, and that is the good thing about it, naturally. Read on to know more.

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