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Monday, June 13, 2016

Jack of None - Who's Listening to Van Gogh's Ear? review

Year : 2016
Genre : Experimental Poet Rock
Label: Independent
Origin : United States
Official site: > - here - <

Jack of None's full length debut LP comes to you as a massively abstract - is that an oxymoron? - auditory journey that inhales clear creative intents-, and exhales the well-tamed assumption of poetic justice in the most literal contexts possible.

As the respective ethos of the spoken/written word is of key importance for the central vocalist, - as she is a poet, first and foremost - the music chooses to deliberately bend to the will of these spoken messages: it willfully accepts the role of ornamenitc sonic tapestry.

The music is well sculpted, nevertheless, albeit polite. Never seeking to taunt the words, yet the valiant quality of a smartly varied dynamic range is cleary observable: something that is a rarity in today's production standars, where volume and loudness are assumed to be kings. Read on to know more.

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