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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Twelve of Confusion - Worldsun review

Year : 2013 to 2016
Genre : Modern Metal/Black Metal
Label : Independent
Origin : Finland
Official site: > - here - <

Black metal has numerous fields of operation that it could work supremely well on, and one of these production commitments deliberately seek to engulf the listener into the mere remnants of what once might have been a perfectly valid set of instruments, but THEN came The Black, and took most of the volumetric essence with it.

This approach emerges excellent at conveying a sense of the nietzschenian superloneliness, as you most often feel that there is something to intently behold and secretly scrutinize beneath the layer of black, but you, as listener, should not be entirely comfortable at the prospect of the veil being removed. Finland-based Twelve of Confusion is a firm admirer and practitioner of said sub-genre of voyeuristic soul-torment, and their monster length double CD effort "Worldsun" comes to burn some well defined holes into Carl Sagan's fabric of the cosmos AND into your soul, if you think you happen to have one. Let us see the temperature posthaste - read on to know more.

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