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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

THE RA-6600 - Alien Planet review

Year : 2015
Genre :Vintage Piano Rock with Glam, Psychedelic, and Doom Drone affections
Label : HEMBOT Records
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

The (Panasonic) RA-6600 is not only a highly renowned vintage equipment suitable for multitrack ound recording, it also is the chosen moniker to highlight occurrences of a quite distinctive brand of sound manipulation - both rhetorically invented and masterminded by RA-6600's premier songwriter and frontman Daniel Olivas.

The disc is a self-referential looped chronicle of insatiably eager introspection, deliberately filtered through the reality tunnel of a 14 year old youngster: a series of six-, straight-to-the-point status reports on six different shades of the ever-abundant cartoon elegy. Filled with harmonic structures that skillfully reflect the most well established traditions of massively piano driven melodic rock, what separates the Ra-6600 project from the countless peers stuck on the Sir Elton John bandwagon, - not as if there were anything necessarily shameful about being stuck in/on anything/anyone - is the sense of evident irony Olivas is able to court these familiar musical passages with. Read on to know more.

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