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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dave Wirth - Eyelids and Oil & Open Mouth Monstrous Teeth track reviews

Year : 2017
Genre : Elegiac Country
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site: > - here - <

With his two latest declarations "Eyelids and Oil" and "Open Mouth, Monstrous Teeth", Dave Wirth defines a largely unexplored territory as the basis of his current musical interest. While the songs are non-apologetically country at heart, their anatomy is prone to tenderly submit to a Pink Floydesque sensibility. One has a feeling as if listening to the music of a truck driver who already had the chance to see the best and the worst the road has to offer, and now it is due time to reflect on the results of the experiences, the results that are stigmatizing his soul and body, while he still sits in the "company" of the incoming white stripes that are relentlessly tuned to infinity, and they urge the man behind the wheel to make the best effort possible at  maxing out his human condition.

These songs are devoid of any and all rabid dynamics you would assume as pertinent to being a truck driver: the insatiable thirst for adventure-, if it ever were present, has already been assuaged by the countless satisfaction of it, and now the protagonist finds himself in a meditative position, as reflected by the characterology of this music. Drums are not even included in these songs, not in the common sense in the word, anyway: a probable symbolic parallel drawn to express the insignificance of time while on the road. A minute, a life, an eternity: each have super-similar meaning in this type of existence, that which commands its experiencer to go as mellow as comprehensible, because everything else is a pain to bear, while this mellowness can endure all, anything and everything. Maybe even 10000 more white stripes.

Wirth's signing is soulful and honest, and the revealed instrumental sounds are especially rich in timber and softness. This is the music of the truck driver who did not yet decide whether to quit his job tomorrow, while a substantial part of his psyche seems to be indicative of a dormant conviction that there is no other home for him than to being on the road. A spiritually submissive and uplifting experience.

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