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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dr. Livingdead - Dr. Living Dead review

Year : 2011
Genre : Thrash Metal Punk Crossover
Label : High Roller Records
Origin : Sweden
Rating : 8.0 / 10

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Dr.Livingdead's Dr. Living Dead is a counter-conspiracy audio device that makes the members of the Illuminati call it a wrap and tremble in fear in the nearest corner, - Alex Jones declares you the Leader of the Resistance and announces the State of Interplanetary Collapse in this recycled Special! News! Bulletin!, right after this premium product presentation - and, if that is not enough for you, you rebel scum, then know that the record has been produced by none other than your Legendary Death Master Fred Estby. Fred Estby, man, Fred Estby! If you have no obscure shallow purple of a clue whatsoever who Fred Estby is, then feel free to join THAT club, and prepare yourself for 36 minutes of contemporary Estby sound as Dr. Living Dead unleashes its variant of counter-thought controlling, all seeing lizardeye-staring crossover thrashpunk on your sorry hide. The truth is in there. I'm sane, the voices told me, too!

With a hilarious opening track entitled "World War Nine", the record leaves nothing to be desired in the department of larger than life-, violent action cartoon warfare. The LP is divided to 16 tracks of short sharp shrapnel impacts, and not a single one of those hits the 3 minutes mark. The album is safe, enthusiastic thrash-worship fun via a method that tends to register as a friendly blend of Sex Pistolsian punk and Slayeresque - WTF??! - thrash metal, with a tint of Voivod surfacing up in it from time to time, too. The album packs a superb, old school, nihilistic thrash sound with well defined middleweight musculature and a vile grin, and notable emphasis is placed on the different frequency domains, too. In other words : the album, thank God and Co., does not revolve around the continuous act of stalking out of shape riffs on the open bottom strings. The tempos and the structures of the record are soberly varied within a certain set of compositional limits, the lyrics are hilarious, - "this is the END, we're getting OLD, we're getting FAT, DEAD! END! LIFE!" and the whole album shows a trusty, steady thrash character with a solid understanding of its potentials and capacities. 36 minutes is a perfect length for this style.

The furious pacing is interrupted here and there by a mid-paced build with legit, melodic rhythmic riffing - track called "My Brain Is For Sale" is an example - giving the record apt opportunity to handle ignition mode at its own consent afterwards. Make no mistake : this is 90%-, if not 95% intense thrashing throughout, and the eloquent kind of it, too. The release does more complex and elegant things instrumentally and rhythmically than the ever-cultivated Ultimate Intensity of the release lets you recollect at first, so, in my opinion it is worth directing your attention to the little subtleties the band pulls the moustache of the sleeping beast with.

Dr. Livingdead's Dr. Living Dead causes no unwanted-, obtrusive surprises, and it is more than a record that serves out rudimentary thrash cravings, like this baby sounds to do, in my opinion. Dr. Living Dead lives up - hah! - to it's demanding name, and delivers unalloyed retroid thrash attack power reeking the charisma of a violent ballpoint pen drawing. You want this, Lover.

Rating : 8.0 / 10

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