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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chevelle - Hats Off To The Bull review

Year : 2011
Genre : Alternative Hard Rock
Label : Epic
Origin : United States
Rating : 9.0

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Chevelle's latest delivery called Hats Off To The Bull brings clever, accessible song writing that manages to remain original, melodic and meaningful despite its consorting-, relative radio-friendliness. It is important to note though that this band does not at all seek to be radio friendly for being nothing beyond that, like the latest Nickelback LP of devoted shitsniffing aims to. Here is a review of that shitsniffer Nickelback release.

Chevelle, luckily enough, is putting out much more serious and ripe music, that, despite growing more and more gloomy in character in my opinion as the spin progresses, never loses its focus for the strong melody, the fat, meaty harmony and the tight, straightforward production. A particular set of mood-similarities surface to the receptors during this delivery, and you will need to read on to find out more about these sublime reflections.

Chevelle sounds to me like an elegant blend of the following remote-, and very inventively cultivated influences : a little bit of Cure, - especially because of the lead vocalist's soulful upper-mid timber - a little bit of Mastodon, a little bit of The Killers. The character of the fabric mainly is welterweight-, but at heart restrained hard rock wit not much intent to crush you proper, as the emotion behind the builds, as hinted, is more often of a lamenting character of inner struggles, rendered by clean vocal work that is on a continuously inventive presentation of collision courses occurring between this lead singing and the fat harmonies. It seems safe to say that, though everything is straightforward on the release in the sense that you immediately know what to do with the current element you are subjected to, it takes you, the listener and itself seriously, and features no element whatsoever that would lack the melodic/harmonic elegance which is a primer attitude of this fine contribution.

With 42 minutes of program time, Chevelle's latest gives out a quite well balanced initial flow, which later on consciously ventures for a more sorrowful direction, but honesty and heart are never left behind during this impressive run. The verse and hook as separate entities both are capable to give something extra when measured to the other, which is especially rare and a definite treat to witness. This is very easily accessible, and, regardless : likable music in its nature, and your probable attitude towards it will likely depend on the feelings it is able to invoke from you right at the very first seconds of its respective elements. That particular feeling of relative gloom that I think the album is becoming prominent of during the climax, is quite inventively presented all the way through, and the LP remains a solid, tight delivery with no blemishes or hindrances worth mentioning or seeking for. Once again : it is all up to the personal calibration of your nervous system if you will like it or like it very much, - disliking this album sounds totally idiotic to be honest - because, if your heart speaks the same mood-language the album does, then this probably is the best album of the year for you. As for me, a damn fine welterweight release, say I.

Rating : 9.0 / 10

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