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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Feared - Rejects review

Year : 2011
Genre : Groove Death Hybrid
Label : Independent
Origin : Sweden
Rating : 9.2 / 10

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Feared is a project of this young man, primarily, and you want to keep an eye on the workings of this musician. The fabric of the sound of his latest to date groove death hybrid - as this is what I decipher this spin to be - is so abundantly full and soberly crowded at the same time than the act of hiding a flex straw in it almost is impossible. It is abundantly rich indeed, yet does not collapse under its own weight at all. It moves with elegant convince power and avid T-Rex dignity, keeping the rampant shapes it is fond of revealing well defined and clear in their mere sonic mass. Rejects is an album that sounds to have all kinds of radical doubts and caveats regarding the state of existence, so expect an LP that is openly out there to hunt you down and waste your hide on spot. Scarce are the times that the release goes mid-tempo, and, even when it does, the repressed-, lurking aggression remains super-evident, and it is never can contained for too long without being expressed avidly in the sonic fabric again.

Feared's latest has a set of favorite musical behaviors, and the name of the primer game evidently is Pantera's T-Rex being on one of its cavernous rampages, but, this time, the Animal sports cable veins, red semaphore eyes and hot steam breath, and comes to affect your musical receptors with such elaborately layered multi-guitar death-squadron work that the results have a tendency to border on a great sense of analog industrial, ye!. You have to admire this album for the "who gives a shit, really" attitude it truly emerges a triumphant representative of along its rampant way. Track number 5, called "Grmph!" - hmpf - starts out with highly intellectual "let's hack music" jazz Joe Scofield would nod on, but, at the endpoint of the gesture, you are subjected to exceptionally rabid groove metal, playfully, haughtily flattering the robust nature of unforgiving death standards. Read on if you are ready to be sonically devoured.

For a little amount of time, the record ventures on to cautiously experiment with djent for one series of bars or two - track called Godlike - and this variation, this take on odd rhythmization is something the contribution looks more flamboyant and well balanced with, especially considering how the consecutive direct occurrences are once again projecting lights on the supremely aggressive side of groove death collision the record is primordial dire spawn of.

The best aspect of this LP is the mere weight it communicates itself with. As noted, this is so brutally and relentlessly crowded with mean fat guitars full of bad intent that it truly is a feat to witness and hear how they emerge as a functional sonic mess nevertheless. The vocals are very skillfully "painted" - in a good, well defined way - over these robust blocks of sound structures, never seeking to claim or to inhabit dear frequency room from the deeps, and they compliment the riff-monsters as mid-range faces that are drawn on the deeps, instead. A very sober, elegant production decision.

The vocal contribution, for the most part, is a pissed off effected grunting like Philip Anselmo would have the Incredible Hulk going on, - on track number 9, the melodic singing is a "look! I'm an Anselmo fanboy!" statement, and I personally find nothing wrong with that, because look!, I'm an Anselmo fanboy, too! - while, during the more soulful instrumental breaks and quasi-metalcorish choruses, orthodox clean singing is utilized. These sequences are way better though than standard metalcorish melodrama bullshitsniffing, and the reason for this is the record's consistent agenda to stick for quite steep musical standards as far as "mere" melodic invention, riffcraft and legit idea-administration are concerned, which are top of the food chain aspects of the related hopes worth sculpting and cultivating. Also elements this record delivers commandingly, relevantly and seriously along. Not much else to say regarding the matter. This album is out to destruct, you are in its way, and you want to press play.

Rating : 9.2 / 10

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