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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cage - Supremacy of Steel review

Year : 2011
Genre : Aggressive Power Metal
Label : Music Buy Mail (EU) Heavy Metal Media (US)
Origin : United States
Rating : 9.5 / 10

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Engaging monumental overheft right from the beginning to the end, ancient power metal formation Cage does not give you a single, tiny solitary gap to form any of your worthless, puny, insignificant doubts regarding their latest variant of music, and you truly must suck tremendously to do so, as I just realized. Cage's latest contribution, called "Supremacy of Steel" - there you have it all right - plays a game fueled by nothing less and nothing else than crystal clear cheese-honesty and heft-intent, as this 1 hour and 6 minutes fistpumpa' affair - European Bonus track "Skinned Alive" (as a start, I suppose) - included - paints up the exact limit signs in a way to form the region that the stone-traditional heavy metal fan would likely feel most comfortable on.

This is Iron Maiden's brand of power metal, but, hell, imagine that the members of Iron Maiden are coming to play for you tonight with their mindset being ready to kill, and truly, have no other primer interests, either. It is the hot as hell-, flamethrower grade power metal of hyper-aggression, the variant that enjoys the position to declare itself factually unblemished and awesome even as serious matter and as brilliant parody of itself. Yes, this is a molten cheesefest and unalloyed epicness, they become the same during this spin to form that silly little thing called "fun" you are in this for at the first place. You can join in virtually anytime, - why not from the start, though? - because the music is deeply similar / deeply great in character throughout. Read on to find out more about this.

My number 1 Iron Maiden analogy already has been used up, so I take number 2 to paint the percepts regarding the sound. This record is positively and obscenely thick as a sonic fabric, and its primal charm lies in the fact that it shows no interest whatsoever in embracing recent day glitter-production 111 metalcore release of 100 sports, nor in the bombastic analogue classic sound you can hear on this or this great respective pieces. Cage brings the epitome of the "oh, this is the pair of my trusty oldshool monolith amps" sound and provokes the Animal out of the dangerous things. The bass is the mere safety of the pilot chair of a casual battlecruiser under your ass, the drums-, regardless how they contained within true sonic maelstrom all the way through - summon and pack the relentless Presence to CUT through the mix with the snare, and the tams produce a rumble that even this galactic bass finds itself humbled by, and this is the whole fucking idea, to be honest.

The guitar work-, when not delivering a nice, traditional coffee grinder solo - is coming to you in the mid-range as a substance-presence to coat the vocals in. The riffcraft, for the most part, is very similar to the Iron Maidenish ethos of being happy about inviting THEN kicking a random melodic emphasis in the face with a roundhouse kick - AND a crash cymbal - for inescapable instant effect. The lead singer dude gives a trusty likeness-performance as far as the requirements go, in my opinion. He sounds to be a diligent fan of both Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford, and delivers the content accordingly. The musical mannerisms of the record, though quick to reveal their favorite doings and methodologies, emerge as the actual pure gold benefits of the release, because Cage's Supremacy of Steel can safely say about itself that it serves your aggressive power metal needs out with 111% efficiency. By the end of the release, you are chrome, Dear Lady, your legs are silhouette symphonies and I want your number.

Rating : 9.5 / 10

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1 comment:

  1. I heard of this band only back in 2007/08 by their album Hell Destroyer. Sounded like Judas Priest and some sort of Painkiller part2 with Iced Earth, Jag Panzer, a little of Maiden dust and god knows what other respectable bands. This band really play my kind of power metal, heavy as I find the happy power metal type wears down very quickly. I think this is the only album where I can actually hear their bass guitar. I somehow feel production wise, it lacks.

    Supremacy of Steel does not take any steps down as the band continues to thrive forward with the right amount of tenacity and aggression bundled with music richness. Vocalist is beast, period. A clear fanboy of Rob Halford.Oh my, wonder how Painkiller would sound live with Sean Peck. Did I mention my favorite band is Judas Priest? Can't wait for next February, gonna see Judas Priest live in Singapore...life is gooood...

    Just blast this with your speakers and enjoy. Recommended for any Judas Priest or Iced Earth fans.


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