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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Djentagram - Thirteen by Thirty-Six review

Year : 2011
Genre : Djent with Death Metal tendencies
Label : Monkey Robots Inc.
Origin : United States
Rating : 8.5 / 10

Djentagram' Thirteen by Thirty-Six - don't bother, I have made the calculation already and it is not 666, or is it? - brings to you djent mayhem macabre to make you sway and throw your possessed body around in odd rhythmization. It seems to be evident at this point that some people do not know what djent is or embracing tender misconceptions on it, so let's attempt to cover the matter. The "djent" is the mere sound of a heavily muffled guitar pattern, - the word attempts to imitate the sound, even : "djent!, dje-dje-djennnnt!, djent!-djent!" - that is created by strumming that pattern or note in - usually - highly violent fashion, producing a percussive, chuggy /djenty sound on the guitar. These djent guitars pack 7 strings if not 8, or, you can drop your tuning to produce that deep, grumpy sound with a funny wobbly bottom string.

This only is half of the djenty fun though, because djent as a subgenre always looks for the groove of the illegal rhythmization conceived in any-, but intentionally demented time signatures. If you have no honest idea of what the fuck is going in, but it sounds superb and complex and chuggy and djenty nevertheless, than chances are that you are hearing exigent djent. If you have another thing to add to this, please don't hesitate to comment, or, if you do : don't. Ladies and djentlemen, let's talk about this Djentagram release.

Djentagram's latest is 35 minutes of rabid stimuli, and, only six and a half of those will have vocal contribution, the immense majority is instrumental warfare with equal emphasis placed on the reveal the odd rhythm of the djent while having a death metalish mid-pace structure at the core. The first two minutes of track number 3 is pretty sick, in my opinion, and it also is the mark I personally think this record really starts to roll on from. It is unforgiving, deeply demented djent disturbance of which you can only have the punch-, and not the carrying-heft of, because it reigns in the constant position of slipping away from you after steamrolling you in a loop, and the listening experience is born in real time as you witness its way grinding you down, having exactly zero concern for your comfort.

This 30+ minutes of humorless djenting, thank God and Co., won't relent until the spin reaches its conclusion, and the band exhibits fruity cunning at throwing in variation of dynamics and intensity to deviate from the main directions with. Among these deviations, you will find tight-, lawfully rhythmized groove metal as 1:40 minutes of sober interruption, and, following this nice sequence of Pantera-warfare, the entropic djent dementia emerges again as particularly efficient, triumphantly and destructively revealing its corrupting nature right after music that JUST made sense for a fragile moment. I have some caveats though, and I'm not afraid to whine about them in pink lingerie, either. The editing work of the release is pretty sloppy at the climax. The tracks are getting a volume fade-out from out of effin nowhere, so the next song can start. To topple this abyss, - TUKK! - any consecutive track of the djent section always comes in as the direct continuation of its direct predecessor, so a row 2-second breakdowns could have eliminated this blemish.

The current solution is lame, lame, lame, and it is pretty lame, too. It is such a lame solution that you can't help but appreciate that the producer had thick enough of skin on his face to attempt to get away with this. Mind you, it is not really THAT disturbing, but it makes its evident that the band did not have the juice left to get away from a build in convincing fashion, so the respective components of the most relevant segment of this release never arrive to a conclusion. They "just" superbly-, djently - not gently, that would be way too who is hillarious, haha, ahaha. - rumble for an eternity, and then they are killed with an abrupt, super-radical volume fadeout. Lame enough to become a twisted kind of funny, too.

To be honest, one could whine around in pink bath lingeries about one's epic caveats regarding how the tracks get served no justifiable end sequences, and now that I have done that, too, the only thing that remains to be done with this release is to listen to it, because it deserves that.

Rating : 8.5 / 10

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