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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Electric Mary - III review

Year : 2011
Genre : Stoner Rock
Label : Independent
Origin : Australia
Rating : 8.6 / 10

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Electric Mary's III is stoked out stoner rock with buff-, snarly, efficient production values that constantly glorify the psychedelic inner cataclysm of the '70s through a haughty blues rock direction armed with a good amount of groovy and sludgy tendencies to address. The album is not hesitant at all to reveal its ultimate-, straightforward meaning right away, as the stimuli tends to register as a comfortably decipherable alloy of the following elements : Jimmy Hendrix without the heroin, AC/DC, and add a trusty does of not too radical southern sludge to the fray yet. With 38 minutes of showtime, this record has a sober understanding of its own agendas and related capacities, and it is not too risky to say that it remains stable and free of inconsistencies throughout the 10 tracks it takes its ride along. The operational field of this disc seeks and delivers no shocks or surprises, steadily defining itself as a premiere choice for any diligent fan of well tamed "Born to be wild!" stoner rock that which now comes to you with a lot of proper love surrounding it by its current practitioners. Read more about this likable stoner dog.

The album explodes into silence with top grade classic production values to reveal the nature of its musical lingo, which is no doubt a sight and experience worth to behold and collect. Order variable. The primer behavioral patterns this LP wants to entertain you with are nothing that is likely to catch you off-guard, but have all the chance to fix each and every aspect of your stoner cravings : the riffs are JUST sufficiently sculpted in their obese but muscular character, and the spin, fortunately enough, shows ever-present awareness of the frequency locations it is mapping out, so expect an adventurous ride in a high-octane hippie van that has an extra gear to authentically surprise you.

The record's mere sound is worth addressing further: it is a very carefully researched alloy that exhibits the capacity to reveal both lush and irony qualities, and it is the exact kind of sound you could imagine in your best dream relating to this music. So no caveats-, not even an empty space for them herein at all.

Electric Mary III's lead singer is an interesting presence in the mix, and now I'm going to write about this man. His timber sounds to me like a mixture between the AC/DC fronter and Phil Collins, and the vocal channel he declares his manly lamentations on, always is sitting in a superbly researched place in which it does not interfere with the anatomical integrity of its surroundings at all.

As mentioned, the album has an AC/DC musical narrative incorporated into its other primordial elements of psychedelic stoner rock and sludge, and it must be mentioned that at the climax of the record, this particular narrative - the AC/DC one - is bloated into the occult wild space territory of merciless Van Halen metal-love ballads that I personally find horrifying, but they just might be what you are looking for. The chorus of the track "Bone on Bone" is a perfect example of the music you can chase me out of all worlds with : pinkish glam-blend of the collective emotional mid-tempo ethos of Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. Granted, the lyrics might be about something else, but who has the time to worry about those when the music wants to kill you. Pretty shocking and paralyzing, in my opinion, but I must admit that it is absolutely properly done. Electric Mary has a key on her back, and she is running towards you. Prepare for your desperation move.

Rating : 8.6 / 10

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