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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kidneythieves - Trypt0fanatic review

Year : 2010
Genre : Industrial Cyber Rock
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Rating : 9.0 / 10

There seems to be no method more proper than to wrap this year 2011 up with a review of Kidneytheives' 2010 output Trypt0fanatic. This 37 minutes full length is available through a dedicated subsection of the band's official website, by following this awesomelociuos URL.

I can cite it much-, but can't cite it enough that the reviewer is the least important thing in a review, and this still remains a general rule of thumb I enjoy ignoring from time to time with the - hopefully - realistic hopes of strengthening it. As such, and, if you dare, you can read my all-time introductory sentiments relating to Kidneythieves in the intro section of this review. If you have never heard of Kidneythieves so far, you are missing out on exigent-, rabid electronic music bordering on hard rock and alternative metal in character, always keeping the cybernetic Blade Runner vibe intact. The Blade Runner vibe is the one you feel when you are looking for a cab in the middle of a cybernetic city with its sky reigning in blistering pure-static, and you realize that you have just lost the cellphone number of the person you think you love. Then you spot a cab, and you wonder if you ever had it.

Kidneythieves, thank God and Co., does not know the spiritual anti-stance necessary to give up the will to function beneficiary, and, as such, though the band without doubt exhibits a steep-, relentless degree of curiosity cultivated towards the negativistic, is never satisfied with the mere act of diligent painsurfing, and always is on the hunt for the transhumanistic remedy. In other words : Kidneythieves is a cyber-organic trauma team, and, if you think that you are normal, then they will cure the holy fuck out of you. Read more to find out how.

The (not at all secret) zuppa weapon of this squad is the top of the food chain full female charm singing contributed by Free Dominguez. You can identify her dangerously borderline - in a positive manner, of course! - timber out of an infinite number of others, and it is of no surprise that an endless row of female performers seek to imitate her equally rabid and tender style, but she still packs the original "it" factor you CAN put your finger on : her singing voice simply brings everything you could hope for : she 1. Understands, and 2. goes Borderline, IF.

The music on Trypt0fanatic registers as a fresh, muscular, homogeneous fabric from top to bottom, and it is not (just) New Year's Eve beer-bias talking from me either, as the relatively short-but-intact playtime of 37 minutes enables the band to grace the listener with well-focused, legit Kidneythieves content, and the LP tells everything it needs to tell by its conclusion.

As for the global pacing of this ripe delivery, Trypt0fanatic almost exclusively is mid-tempo in character. The band transmits from a contemplative-, deeply emotional position that though remains absolutely free of slime, green goo and James LaBrie, courtesy of smart collision courses established between the vocals and the harmonic surroundings. Hooks are numerous, oftentimes br00tal like a hungry vampire's tenderness, and a good amount of those reek pure-gold classic Kidneythieves so efficiently that it commands crocodile tears in your eyes right away. Opening track "Jude" is similar in character - note : NOT a ripoff of! - to the band's earlier classic, "Crazy", for example. The intact-, timeless Kidneythieves deal of catchy, cybernetic borderline chorus and verse with an intent to go carnivore on your most comforting delusion, reigns in full effect. All in all, with their 2010 contribution Trypt0fanatic, Kidneythieves is as invigorated as ever, offering 10 (+bonus track) variant on the primer mood the LP is gravitating around.

Rating : 9.0 / 10

Noise Shaft wishes you a Happy New Year!
image from kidneythieves.com

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