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Monday, November 21, 2011

Vektor - Outer Isolation review

Year : 2011
Genre : Thrash Metal
Label : Heavy Artillery Records
Origin : United States
Rating : 9.5 / 10

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Vektor's Outer Isolation brings to you a rampant variant on the original form of full blown, unforgiving, timelessly oldschool thrash metal. Musically, this record is eloquently brutal and ever-faithful at heart to the most demanding traditions of the style. Among these traditions, the steepest probably is to establish an autonomous flow of waste-propensity through the individual musical ideas, and Vektor delivers flawlessly in this regard.

The reason behind this capacity is none other than the combination of the band's - just natural - love for the thrash metal genre, supported though by a valid set of compliments that deliberately aim to flatter the mere "limits" of the style. Indeed, one can come up with trash metal riff ideas and deliver those along different tempos to end up with "uhuh" grade thrash content, but Vektor is vastly past that game, and keeps the tip of its vile index finger on the tiny-tiny region where the pulse of thrash is the most intensified, and, as such, the most entertaining. Vektor's Outer Isolation is a record that is the equivalent of a bomb device with a malfunctioning timer jumping between 50:00 and 0:30, so it seeks and accepts no silent peace in the sonic domain. Listen how this thrash metal album starts up its engines at the 2:15 mark of the opening track : this is what I want from thrash metal, and all other things regarding the matter is insignificant. Read on the find out more about this release.

The record has an extremely sexy horror-sci-fi theme to it, as the great cover art suggests that already : sci-fi at heart, yet the green tint conveys an alienating, discomforting Cthulhu-influence, a sense of cosmic horror that is out to crush the little human astronaut on the image, simply by being seemingly separate and seemingly so much vaster than him. Opening track, called "Cosmic Cortex", in my opinion, is about God's consciousness, and let me tell you that I'd rather hear a thrash song about God's consciousness than about a fast car which you can drive like : - uh - fast. Fuck that shit already, pretty pretty please with chocolate syrup and strawberry pellets on top?

As just hinted, the top of the foodchain thrash metal music on this LP also brings quite relevant and well constructed lyrics, heavily fixated on transhumanic / philosophical / existential observations, and bowing to no cheap, false Thrash Gods like alcohol, or adolescence-fury as Dave Mustaine so shamelessly does with his terribly, terribly sad song called "You hate my friends and where we go, you hate the way we wear out clothes, just whose life it is, anyway?".

Just whose lie it is, anyway?

Vektor comes forth with a musically competent and quite BRAVE release, as well. This album reeks and summons the best forms of the most rabid thrash traditions, early Voivod comes to mind - what's more sexy thrashing than that? - and the singer here is in a constant war with ALL and PREVAILS, and the music's heft simply does not know the concept of a fuel tank that needs a refill. When the band decides to tame the sonic rampaging for an elegant, lush, complex instrumental moment, - of which the release packs no less nor more than beneficial for the primordial agenda - that always is a result of an awareness that is out to guard the efficiency-peak of full intensity engagement, which is the premiere nature of this spin.

Vektor's Outer Isolation is a current-, paradoxically enough, ever-fresh reincarnation of the timeless form of the similarly ever-fresh epitome of oldschool thrash metal, but, what separates this declaration from the flock, lies in the musical inventiveness : the record has all your thrash needs at its immediate disposal, yet, it also exhibits an autonomous capacity to cultivate new ones - awareness, and related quasi-needs - in you, and this is the most you can ever expect from any musical data. You definitely should check this one out, no matter what.

Rating : 9.5 / 10

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