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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cynthesis - Deevolution review

Year : 2011
Genre : Ambient Progressive Metal
Label : Candlelight
Origin : United States
Rating : 7.5 / 10

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Cynthesis' Deevolution sounds to be a restrained, calmly paced quasi-progressive, quasi-chillout - more on these notions later - metal record with heavy attraction resonated towards ambient backgrounds, mid-tempo structures, shy synths and arpeggiated guitars. A sense of sugar-overdose minimalism also is in the vicinity armed with unfortunate enthusiasm to whisper about its capacities from time to time, but, fortunately enough, the band members - usually - have a sober awareness regarding the moment from which on the singer is singing for himself, primarily.

Solidification : album closer called A Song of Unrest is a pretty muscular track of the release in my opinion, and the mere structure of this song is one the LP is fond of utilizing. Yet, the solid melodies and the inventive harmonic background structures the singed sequences collide with herein, are not always as interesting and tasteful as they are in this particular delivery. Read on to find out more about this likable ambient/progressive metal spin.

Cynthesis' Deevolution is not all that concerned with the probable meta-definition of metal, and the band's primordial behavior leans more and more towards extremely calm upon hitting the middle point of this honest, elegant debut release. First let's scrutinize the full power - full instrument engagement modes of the album. The LP produces a wide, sanely reverberated sound via its more crowded instrumental sections, sometimes interrupted though by highly idiotic variation that does not do any justice to the song in the spin at all. Solid track number 3, called Divided Day, for example. This nice mid-tempo build gets squashed by some kinetic grinding from time to time, which sounds like the sound you expect to hear when attempting to murder a living being with a snarl and a pneumatic driller, what is the reason for this?? It does not sound good at all.

As for the quite present ambient ingredient, the album, it seems and sounds to me, seeks to summon the Blade Runner spiritual vibe so palpable in the 1982 motion picture. You know, when Deckard - Harrison Ford - looks out of his handsome head into the cybernetic city in the company of his last bottle of bourbon, and it is hard to tell if there is a woman on his mind or the thought to look for the remote to adjust the volume of the background music. Blade Runner Blues by Vangelis. This is the music you want to hold your dream woman in the rain for. THAT is the music for such images, and, I tend to think that Cynthesis tried to recreate this vibe, and, what's more important : the results of the experiment sometime demand closer scrutiny! While track number 4 is nothing special in my opinion, - still good for a filler - 5 is about to ride out on a truly efficient, rabid, sexy mid-tempo build that did not yet decide to tolerate you or to end you in unreasonably violent fashion.

Track number 7, called Twilight though, is very easy to relate to as a piece that reveals Cynthesis' variation on the Blade Runner Blues, at least, according to my percepts. Only, this time, it is not the lead synth that addresses its favorite misery, instead, it is two guitars : one is your everyday average nuclear heavy metal solo guitar wearing Puma sport shoes, the other Kermit's bubblegum guitar, but that one is cute, too, while playing its program time of 7 seconds or so. Unfortunately, the Cynthesis dudes did not put the effort to improvise / develop a legit, epic solo all over the ambient sonic wall, - BOOOOOOOOSH! - and I tend to think that they have created a beautiful sonic entity and they put a knife in its body. Not a nice gesture at all. Geez, this review is becoming a horror special. Anyway, this is a likable album without doubt, and its aspiration to compliment the caressing, comforting capacities of ambient synth music is nicely realized. But, keep in mind : whenever the album turns to an ambient format, then it is "just" that, and the one moment it collides epic ambient with nuclear metal, the magic, as noted, is not given the praise it demands. Other than that, this is a safe recommendation.

Rating : 7.5 / 10

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