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Friday, November 11, 2011

Animals as Leaders - Weightless review

Year : 2011
Genre : Experimental Math Metal, Djent, Fusion Jazz
Label :Prosthetic Records
Origin : United States
Rating : 8.2

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With its latest full length to declare ruthless state of war on your eager receptors, Animals as Leaders brings you (almost) top of the heat sci-fi music with commanding complexity and an experimental fusion jazz character to it. On this massive LP, nothing is-, and all is true, and everything is permitted, even highly encouraged, as long as it is originated from the inventiveness the record most often is on the tail of.

This release is not for the lazy ear, and it also does not give too many of concerns for the favorite hedonistic experiences of the properly cultivated pairs of those. (Which is a shame, because, a cultivated ear knows when it is being lied to.) The Weightless LP probably will register in your nervous system either as almost unalloyed earcandy-delacy that bows to only a very few boundaries to seek the pleasure of hearing, or, you will quite predictably will dismiss this spin as top capacity wankfest-galore, and you will need to read on to find out why is that.

It is because you are an insipid sex dwarf in gimp mask without sufficient levels of musical awareness, of course. Why, what were you thinking? Now, seriously : the fabric of this LP, though sliced up to 12 tracks of 46 minutes of sonic meat-mass to sink your - metaphoric - teeth into, really is one, huuuuuuge, huge track weighing in at 46 minutes. You can join in at any time, because this structure seeks to worship ultra-techiness for the "mere sake" of that gigantic agenda, and the release only is toppled in this regard by the latest to date Blotted Science EP, - read about that cosmic chaos monster here - which manages to keep a much more meticulously and consciously sculpted focus on its own fabric than this here baby seeks to. This does not at ALL mean, that this record is VASTLY inferior to Blotted Science's latest declaration, as a similar delivery. Only : significantly. A good amount of program time herein is devoted to masturbatory-, and, as such, hardly if ever stellar distorted solo guitar molestation that most often seeks to showcase the skill set - and related limit zones - of central musician / project leader Tosi Abasi.

The reality of the matter is, that, once you are in a sufficiently crowded sonic environment, and you have proper power, articulation and speed, - not to mention a bigass distortion on your beast so everything you play is ANIMAL!! - then you essentially can play whatever the hell you want and still come across as the dudette with the m4d sk1llz, and whatever the hell you want is not necessarily equates to top tier quality stimuli. As it does not necessarily takes that possibility away, either. Tosi Abasi's ubiquitous distortedass solo guitar presence make this release a fusion jazz contribution for the most part as its character, and I personally find his crazily rhythmized riffs much more entertaining than his solo work on this LP, that, in my opinion,

lacks true thought and emotion

I find the need and urge to relate to. My opinion, only. If yours, too, then we can hope Tosi will take the time and keep the elements of his solo guitar work that actually have SOMETHING to share with-, to move within the listener. Rarely melodic, and even when it is, it sounds routine and casual scale-variation. Superfar from the insane, chaotic/luscious fluid guitar you can hear on the Blotted Science EP mentioned above. Enough with the whining though, because this release has tremendous work behind it, and my only qualm of it already has just been addressed. No doubt it is a damn solid release for every part of it, - solo guitar included : solid/robotic/wanky, but not stellar, when examined - especially when you consider the added djent element of it.



What the FUCK!¿

Well, the djent genre/direction is when the guitar is chugging away madly in palm mute mode, giving you that beautiful, restrained rumble, but, also seeking mathematically complex patterns and rhythms to entertain you with. Please correct me if I'm missing something regarding this subject.

Animals as Leaders', Weightless, fortunately enough, is not afraid to rely on glitch-type electronic effects here and there, and do not be afraid at all, because they always are being used very tastefully in the structures. The album produces a wicked-, thick sound and features extremely crowded areas, and it is pure sex-appeal top to bottom whenever the solo guitar gives it a sigh to recuperate without a faceless fretparade sticked in the back of it at all costs.

Rating : 8.2 / 10

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