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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Esoteric - Paragon of Dissonance review

Year : 2011
Genre : Funeral Doom
Label : Season of Mist
Origin : United Kingdom
Rating : 9.2 / 10

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Esoteric - Paragon of Dissonance is spaceship-delerict doom metal with its focus exclusively directed on the incapacitated states a human is in and constructs its assumed reality by. This band is out to rip your face off to help you see better with the heart, but, according to the music contained on this double barreled, it is not at all guaranteed that what the heart sees, will be to its liking, either.

If you want to go mad-, or, at the very least, would prefer to suck on the tongue of good old fashioned existential dread as result of you lacking the capacity to consciously and radically adjust those at any time, - which is indeed not something we possess the capacity for, but we are permitted to accept this state and do our best to improve this capacity in the future, [- by improving our current ones, for example?? -] then this CD is your immediate premiere choice to move in for the ancient, saggy tits of existential anxiety.

I bet she is a much more adept kisser than you, and no, I do not want to try. This review will include a superb nervous system trick as well, if you need one. If you don't, then I apologize. Yet, as for now, read on to find out how the latest Esoteric delivery to date crashes into your concept of reality.

Esoteric seems to be a critic, and one with a troll temper at that, and this double CD set is openly out there to rip your face off, so the access to your third eye is realized, at last. Esoteric expects you to give thorough face time - oops - to your dire companion Mr. Unbeknownst, the guy who is equally open about his agenda to bury a part of you every single day.

Esoteric is crawling, crushing doom metal reigning evident-rampant, primarily realized by analog instruments. Big, tidal-wave drums, guitars tuned to the depths of hell, and bass wide enough to make your subwooffer reconstruct your DNA, what irony! Esoteric also utilizes some rather elegantly and meticulously realized digital atmospherics to spice a build up here and there with little vile vibes of much greater significance. Yet, mind us that this solution is not ever present on the release, so its occurrence always is a very efficient-, and, paradoxically enough, gracing feat to behold.

As for the main attraction of the music herein, that is none other than a superb sense for strong, albeit tormented harmonic structures and odd - in a good way - rhythms. One would be quite curious of the lyrics, as well, - though I imagine there is not much manlove in them - because what you can get away with without the textual description of those, is nothing less, nor nothing more than decent vocal delivery via traditional death metal growling.

The songs are long like a round under a banshee, and thank God & Co. for that, because Esoteric's music absolutely demands these thorough investigations. The listener can not be criticized if she/he dismisses the stimuli she/he hears if to think of it as being unsuccessful. This is not the case herein at all. Esoteric, as hinted, comes up with harmonies that are sewn out of a highly psychedelic nature, and they are so well researched-, so "well felt" and smartly sculpted indeed that listening to their progression - various basic intensity and background to them, etc - remains utterly efficient and highly enjoyable for the multitude of minutes they tend to address their autonomous, exquisite deviancies. It seems to be quite true that once a harmony is strong enough, you are not sure you want it to go away too soon. A funny thing to witness : the ending track of this double CD shows emotional/modal similarities to Epitome XII from Blut Aus Nord, in my opinion

Paragon of Dissonance is a - seemingly - robust fabric in which full musculature sonic monstrosities are handling the door knob to each other, but, to be honest the record does not even sound to be too lengthy to me, despite the program time of 1 hour 33 minutes of both discs combined. The reason for this is simple : the record investigates places time comes to a still in. Time. Is. Not. A. Factor. Herein.

You, I think, are depriving yourself from a significant musical experience if you listen to this album amidst submitting to your daily activities. Give this tightly realized mindhack attempt the decency to listen to it with your eyes closed and your hideous body being comfy, so there is only the music and you, and the experience that connects the two. Which is all it is about.

Here is the nervous system trick, which I have read in a book by Rudolf Steiner : if you want to tap into the higher worlds, then - among 23423423423 other things - you need to focus on the energy that connects your physical body with the soul. That energy is beyond your physical body, it's been around since the days of cavemen and Cleopatra, and still it is here, as a part of your being. This thought has hacked my existence for the better superbly, and I hope you find it beneficiary, too.

now BE FUCKING HORRIFIED and check back soon.

Rating : 9.2 / 10

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