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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Echancrure - Paysage. Octobre. review

Year : 2011
Genre : Experimental Drone with Black Metal flavor
Label : Independent
Origin : France
Rating : - review requested by artist -

Echancrure - Paysage. Octobre. sounds to be 30+ minutes of experimental moods that are characterized by a deeply observatory stance, showing zero interest to harm stuff on sight, and only mild at declaring where the structure wants to go, especially in its start off sequence. This restrained contribution most often is reluctant or utterly disinterested to make a move for the hook or the sharply sculpted harmony, exhibiting more readiness at seeking your enjoyment via a brittle atmospheric/background nature that is cautiously flattered by a wide variety of shy, but clearly defined musical instruments.

The primary language of this yours-for-free, or pay-as-much-as-you-want digital download is tenderly expressed experimental gloom, threading along vague directions in the company of a sense of quasi-helplessness the record and its listener cooperatively cultivate during a healthy dosage of the program time. I drift away from stacked void to stocked void in the galore of pretty much bare open musical spaces, looking at random sonic entities that are as ignorant of my alien presence as most often I find myself to be of theirs, and this experience summons the intimacy of listening. As for the relative - at least initial - alienation, that sounds to be a result of some quasi-odd, but no doubt rather exotic instrumental selections, which, of course, are of a highly subjective matter. Read on to find out more about subjective matters.

Though the "I" in a review is not at all important, sometimes it just begs to differ and say that I am genuinely surprised by the presence of cimbalom on a drone record, since, to me, it tends to click along the "NOW, you are ASLEEP, rascal G. I. Joe!" embedded command, but. Once again, this is highly subjective, and if someone else finds this tender, funny cimbalom timber to do justice to the much murkier surroundings they are expressed in on this record, then my private amen naturally has no other chance than to bow down to that particular autonomous experience.

As hinted, Echancrure - Paysage. Octobre. delivers a relatively cumbersome, but tolerable start, and eventually finds a more focused tone to communicate along a share of more relevant moments in its latter portion. The main attractive factors of the release will come to entertain you as courtesy of diligently realized-, chaotic-but-not-offensive orchestra segments, - composed of violins, primarily - and an eerie distorted background guitar joins into the fray here and there too, in order to valiantly veil its one note song of cosmic torment away into the immediate surroundings with hollow, but efficient skeleton-drumming sharing the misery in the neighboring background by its own consent. What I personally enjoy the most about the release, are the moments with pronounced-, playfully chaotic and also soberly limited "violin-foams" present in them. This entity further assuages a not at all unfriendly sonic chaos, and plays around in it in a way that sounds to summon a hint or two at brittle, but diffo-present steam punk vibes.

The release beyond doubt has the capacity of communicating itself as a continuous experience, which probably is one of the steepest requirements to fulfill in the blend of genres this download seeks to flatter. This diligently nihilistic music review site Noise Shaft WILL review an album of an independent artist if one requests so, - as it did right here, right now - but will not offer a rating in such cases, because there is nothing an independent artist needs more than independent listeners, and it is unnecessary to attempt to influence consensus by giving a rating to something that is not yet in commercial circulation, thereby narrowing its chances to be. So, this time, you will rate, if anyone. Follow this link to check out the album yourself :

Echancrure - Paysage. Octobre.

Rating : - review requested by artist -

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