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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Unguided - Hellfrost review

Year : 2011
Genre : Metalcore
Label : DespotZ Records
Origin : Sweden
Rating : 4.0 / 10

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Hellfrost is in a hurry to claim all tops of all mountains reigning on moral high grounds, as the band's "melodic death metal" debut starts out with a blaming index finger in humanity's face, and, as it turns out, it has this fixation on keeping it close to that particular collective nose all the way through the spin. So, expect a "melodic death metal" album which isn't that at the first place, because, this sounds much more like family friendly metalcore with tastefully sculpted electronic elements. If you find yourself in the hurry right away to advice me to choke on a row of dead anacondas for not acknowledging this release for what it is on PAPER, then do yourself the courtesy of checking out track 3 on this release, called "Betrayer of the Code" : - oops, Freud nods¿? This is pretty standard metalcore with the weightless fake screaming and some nice goth synths as extra on top. Insomnium's great One for Sorrow DOES sound like melodic death. But this sounds as metalcore, yes, salivated chorus included. Guys, let's talk about the music.

As noted, The Unguided's debut, for the most-, if not for all the part of it, sounds to me like very disciplined, family friendly metalcore stimuli - yupp, even your mom in those hair rolls nods on this music, because she secretly enjoys a chorus from that handsome young man - with quite skillfully/safely provoked production values. The Hellfrost chorus, as an autonomous entity herein, could be the catharsis of any soft rock song, and the main-, yet only deviations from those the record is able to present are the results of the fact that now you are hearing these soft rock choruses with angry, fat guitars at their bases, and there you have your screamo dudette as well, who has the sole function to repeat every single fucking line the lead singer is singing IS SINGIIIIIING! and it is annoying like ass LIKE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!

It is notable that the record shows NO notable struggles to deliver relevance beyond the song template it is utilizing, and comes steadily and sorrowfully short in the department of serious entertainment, in my opinion, and here is why : granted, a little bit of effort is put into the verse, then you get your soft rock chorus, - synonym : cheap way out, congratulations - and, you are lucky if a techno-spiced interlude is coming your way yet in the fabric before your receptors being subjected to yet another verse and yet another chorus. You have just been served, biatch. Track number 7 called "Green Eyed Demon" is a thorough example of how 75% of this album sounds to me like. It has SOME better moments, - none of which I could regard exceptional or worth revisiting - but few and far between, and all drowning miserably in the galore of "so what." grade soft rock metalcore choruses.

I like the intentionally computerized/cybernetized guitars in track number 8, called "Iceheart Fragment", and the inevitable soft rock chorus of the song sounds extremely shitty after the sexy cybernetic guitars of the verse, at least in the world I seek to project. This release has an awesometicularly hard time delivering a chorus I can give a dime with two lost holes in it for, and I have no extra intention to make The Unguided fan even more angry of me then she/he probably already is, so I will attempt to wrap this review up on a more positive note, as I have no desire of coming across as a megatroll who wants to spoil your enjoyment. No, I want you to have it, and have the possible best of it, and my opinion is that what The Unguided's debut gives is not that, but a row of play-it-safe alibi declarations that seek to serve out your assumed-, extremely low level needs without any capacity or desire to calibrate, to elevate those levels at the first place. If you are serious about your melodic death metal fix, check out Insomnium's One for Sorrow, which is a vastly superior and serious release. I must admit that I think there are some pretty thoughtful lyrics on this The Unguided debut album, more precisely : thoughtful lines in some of the lyrics, - "some wounds are not meant to be heal at all", "no one comes to love pain, we can only hope to endure it" - but, as for the music, this one still is below average fantasy action figure toy-metalcore to me. These guys need to put immense efforts into their song writing capabilities in my opinion, because what I have heard on this release from a musical point of view, is relentless metalcore mediocrity delivered with top of the heat production tools.

Rating : 4.0 / 10

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