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Friday, November 18, 2011

Iron Savior - The Landing review

Year : 2011
Genre : Power Metal
Label : Dockyard 1
Origin : Germany
Rating : 8.5

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Germany's Iron Savior is full-enthusiasm power metal with constant will present to relentlessly embrace all the favorite forms and premiere patterns of the genre. Though the communist marching song vibe is on dock and stands ready to be engaged during this meticulously sculpted power metal release, a good amount of significant benefits immediately save this contribution from sinking into mid-tempo fist-pump mediocrity. First, a concept decision to include the statements on a quasi-sci-fi / fantasy field, make this release a spiritual variant to walk in the footsteps of Symphony X's superb Iconoclast. The character of the music on this spin shows a soberly stacked, clean set of production values that bring you a deeply traditional, yet to-this-day-efficient approach to compliment the genre on. The lyrics, while charmingly cheesy at times, never seek to lie more drama than they are able to, - oh really. - which, much fortunately, gives Iron Savior the space to deliver valiantly along the instrumental department, too. Because they are eager, and able to. Usually shorter, - there are a few, elegant exceptions - but efficient and colorful solos, chordal modulation passages are numerous to be heard and behold, and, the performance of the singer dude is totally likable, as well. He knows the character-, the timber of his voice, unleashes an elegant kind of NATURAL animal without having to pay with soul, while wisely refrains from forcing his voice to do things it would not look convincing without. Read on to find out more about this sci-fi tinted power metal declaration.

Thank God & Co., it is very hard to find caveats around-, and on this release for what it is, and it becomes so hard from a point on, that you stop looking for them altogether, instead. Iron Savior brings you a very cleverly constructed foam of stimulus in the sense that the album mainly is an up-tempo delivery that wants what it wants right here, and right now. This absence of any notable will to give you the usual slower variants on epic determination, imbues this LP with a persistent charm to go high octane 99% of the time. This urge to invite the power metal animal 23/7 deserves both respect and admiration, because the vehicle is properly driven all the way through. Track number 9, called "Faster Than All" - see?? - has an especially nice example of the percept the record seems to be fond of cultivating : after a solid, intense section, the band arrives at a deceitful stall for a moment, and you think they have "intensed-out", and a more tamely constructed sequence will entertain you from that particular point on. But, you are mistaken, and so happy about it, too : Iron Saivor picks you up and throws your hide into the trunk, and brings back the original intense mode you loved the most at the first place, and it rides on an even more rabid note, now that you had the chance to reflect on the mere memory of it for a second. But NOT for more.

As such, Iron Savior's The Landing is speedy, traditional, elegant power metal with so competent and exigent musicianship behind it that it finds no need-, nor desire to be your everyday average Iron Maiden clone. Instead, the Iron Savior dudes like to collide the same sonic entity with different harmonic environments, but, to be honest, this is one of the most fun part of music, so there is nothing wrong with THAT technique at all, in my opinion. This record is a testament of a well operated-, sharply focused creative force that seeks to properly appreciate the traditional, and this serious, gracing quality is written on all the shapes it is radiating outward. Once you have invited your secretive power metal fan forth, - even better if you did not even hide the thing - Iron Savior's The Landing comes to you as nothing sort of immediate power metal delicacy.

METAL HEEEEEEEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!4four

Rating : 8.5 / 10

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