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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sienná - Japonesque review

Year : 2013
Genre : Classic House with a Chillout tendency
Label : Adón Records
Origin : Japan
Official site : > - here - <

Sienná's Japonesque LP is the ideal choice for a thorough oriental house/chillout session that makes efficient use both of Japonesque - pun not even intended, but willfully absorbed - audio flavors and the timeless pulsation of minimal Chicago house rooted in the early '80s. One thing that falls on your receptors as definite ear candy right away, is the LP's decision to claim and maintain the right to administer radical modal extremities between the confines of colorful entertainment. As result of this ripe tactic, the spin reigns ready to occupy the generic position/pacing of airy house music that is not in a hurry at all, yet no suitable instruments of oriental silence massacre will remain untouched and non-utilized in the fabric of this soulfully realized delivery - including traditional taiko drums that are suitable to bring down all walls around you. Read on to know more about this.

Not ALL is gentle 4/4 pummel on the disk, luckily. From time to time, Sienná offers relevant insights into her more freely channeled spiritual lamentations, articulating those amidst more experimental rhythmic shapes and sounds. The resultant stimuli comes with a unique and unmistakable character that reigns free of the constrains that a desire to fulfill a genre expectation oftentimes poses on the performer. The track called "Beauty" is such a highlight, as is the very next delivery, "Tranquility - black tortoise of the north", a declaration which reeks Blade Runner Blues, but what else do you need to efficient consciousness evolution than Blade Runner Blues, rain, a woman to wrap your limbs around, and a casual cyberpunk city as statistical environment? Even better, the track called "White tiger of the west" dares to pull a lucky hand on 19, and the abundantly experimentive sound-orgy is limited only by a relatively short track length.

As suggested, these well established experimental highlights seem to serve more as fields of interconnection in the fabric of this statement, whereas the navigational points themselves definitely choose to keep direct contact with the obligatory pulse of house music. No worries at all in this department : once you "feel" this kind of audio data, - as author or listener or both - it really is hard to miss the agenda, and the creative force behind this particular effort doubtless is a committed set of scholars who deeply adore the best-, the most ancient traditions of the genre. This dialectic structure - chill VS pulse - is courted by a ripe command of the style, while Sienná herself showcases a superbly "masked" set of singing voices, and oftentimes there is absolutely no telling if an Asian or an Afro-American lady is singing. Check out the track "Play - vermillion bird of the south" to absorb this effect. A stable and straightforward oriental effort with a solid pulse and an experimentive chillout/ambient flavorsystem to it, and an immediate recommendation for the exotic house music aficionado.

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