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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mason Way - The Full Thing mixtape review

Year : 2013
Genre : Hip Hop, mixtape
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

The Full Thing aims to be an immaculate compilation of the most ripe moments of none less than 7 mixtapes Mason Way came out with in this very year alone. The FUNNY thing about the Full Thing is that Mason Way has developed a full fledged hip hop identity without even realizing it : apart from certain sonic extremes revealed on the disc - some rare cases where a lower volume level of drums would definitely benefit the flow more - the mixtape delivers a ripe, and playful variant of hip hop on the surface level, while the majority of the narration revolves around the most cosmological, the most beneficial man can desire : lamentations about instant pussy vicinity! FINALLY! You will have quite a few declarations fixated on this key subject in an optimal manner - no tastelessness, just the truth. This truth is the following : women are the BEST, but it takes a man to recognize it. Read on to know more about The Full Thing mixtape.

Mason Way's 7th mixtape this year is a collection of ideas of which many begs the further attention of their creator. Mason definitely has talent, and not the "promising-prospect" kind of it, either. The tracks of instant highlight-relevance on display - the one called "Shit to Say", for example - are superb rap declarations with a well established tonal flow and ripe harmonic structure - then comes Mason Way's oftentimes quite humorous rapping on the top, and the track concludes in 0:58, right in the middle when you realize that you actually enjoy(ed) what you hear. Until Mason took it away, not being sure if it was good enough. It was and is. Bring those tracks up to 3 minutes at least, my nigga! Certain mid-tempo builds are given their full - AND due - time on the disc, and, while these are decently realized traditional efforts, they too contain the same field of freshness, imagination the bigger chunk of the spin definitely draws the data from. Mason Way is not yet "sure" if he should be experimenting, and now is the time when he is informed that he definitely should, because his talent at it is unquestionable. If you fail to make use of a talent, you are wasting an opportunity to better your cosmological surroundings!

The record, in character, and Mason Way as a person both sound to have a funny complementary fascination with old school video games, as your host is fond of using synths that reveal a retro tint in their respective flavors, and even the melodic arcs, the harmonic anatomies have an old school 8-bit CRPG feel to them - though now these moods will come to you in a hilariously bloated fashion. "Buy me a video game, and I'll hook you all niggas up - then get me an AK47! You need help, I'll help you, 'cuz you are too short to reach the shelf." These images are quite expressive, and reflect ghetto social dynamics with considerable precision.

As suggested during the review already, Mason Way is prone to commit certain excesses - a hip hop rarity huh?? - from a compositional standpoint, as he is ready and able to give full fledged attention to certain builds - I like the unrelenting hilarity of "She Likes Me", when Mason Way and his trademark effected funny voices won't stop declaring that the woman of his current romantic interest actually likes him, - "shelikesmesheliksmeshelikesme" - but saying it in such hilarious voices that only a fridge would not cave in - yet other tracks come to a conclusion without receiving due attention and hip hop - lyrical - care.

I can't name one single track on the release that I'd dismiss outright, but I'm going to say this : all tracks that are below 2 minutes, should be brought up to 3 minutes, at least. But, once again, tracks like "Shit to Say" summons Bone Thugz 'N Harmony, or the solo effort of Krayzie Bone comes to mind, too - "Shit to Say" brings to mind "Running with the AK47" (buckin' heated heavy, nigga I love the way I wet them when I get it up them)" from Krayzie Bone - a HUGE amount of exigent hip hop backdrop is on display here, and one has a feeling that Mason Way has one particularly strong LP in him - now the creative focus should be placed on the peaking elements of relevance herein, which BEG to be sculpted onward on. These peak moments are really hard to miss, and especially easy to miss when you are given no other choice to. Mason Way has a significant hip hop record in him, and now it wants to come out. An immediate recommendation, even in mixtape format.

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