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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cole Hermer & The Ravens - EP review

Year : 2013
Genre : Hard Rock, Glam Rock
Origin : Canada
Official site : > -here - <

Cole Hermer & The Ravens bring both high octane and mid-tempo radio friendly hard rock heft all in the spirit of genre specifically timeless Aerosmith and "Lies!"-era Guns 'N Roses.
 Radio friendly at heart, yet uncompromisingly experimentive, while at that - not a contradiction, and those contradictions collapse with Meshuggah on the planet surface, anyway.

I especially like the way this EP sounds : it has a garage-setting charm to it, which makes it especially organic and likable. The guys themselves entertaining this type of music might indeed be teenagers, but they make YOU one in the process, too. If you can not be a teenager any time of the day, then I don't know what to tell you, daddy! Daddy. Why are you wearing that - AGAIN?? Read on to know more about this.

The most interesting thing about the disc, for me, is the performance of the lead singer - his style is very commendable, as he literally is singing on the top of his lungs, most of the time - but not always. His voice has a legitimate punch and timber, while the compositions themselves render a solid job at revealing the classical glam rock harmonic passages that invite to mind the prime inspirators, Aerosmith and G'NR, above all. As noted, the EP has an unusually organic, garage-days character, which though does not prevent the flow from transferring the intended message. Whenever the solo guitarist takes a solo on those big, in-your face paua chords - G'NR to the bone at heart - you can feel the spirit of glam rock being channeled with its timeless/nevertheless ruthless efficiency. "Welcome to the Junge" once again - listen how the solo concludes in the second song, "Exploitable", for example. Textbook Guns 'N Roses compositional techniques, while the more laid back builds reflect a deep fascination with the sonic anatomies of the moonlit prairie bonfire rock of Aerosmith. These teenagers took in this music, they have "learned" to love it, and now they reflect it back to reality with adept skills already, enriching glam with new glints of further relevance. Ironically, these teenagers bring the music of yesterday with a revitalized type of energy, which is given no other choice than to work. And it works, indeed.

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