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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Keenan bros - Blood. Sweat. Tears. EP review

Year : 2013
Genre : Lounge Hip Hop with Soul and Pop affections
Label : Independent
Official site : > - here - <
Rating : 9.2 / 10

The Keenan bros are into the niche of music that was ultra-prominent in the early and mid '90s, popularized mainly by such boygroups as Take That! or Boyz 2 Men. There IS an optimum extra-, a beneficial deviation added to the top, and quite literally so. The Keenan bros are full fledged lounge rappers - no swearing or subterfuge-tendencies - and they spice up these otherwise stone-traditional pop/soul tracks with fluent rapping that renders a continuous, exigently developed layer to catch your attention with. Read on to know more about this.

One thing that invites you to give this EP multiple investigative spins, paradoxically, lies in its optimum limitation : this well focused mini-album sounds much more organic/semi-coarse than what you would expect to hear from an effort fortifying this particular genre. You know that I'm a perv, and a promising one at that, so I, for one, enjoy a rendition of soul/pop lounge hip hop that isn't 101% crystal clear, instead, it only keeps the intent to be crystal clear on the horizon - but never submits to it as key directive. The clean singing on the disc reflects talent, yet the utilization of effects - I feel - oftentimes is uncalled for, as usually the natural voice is the most - logically - natural. The melodic shapes conform to the timeless radio friendly pop standards and tonal routes, yet a seemingly conscious decision to remain mega-faithful - which I know is a tautology, and so does Dr. Mordin Solus - to the most exploited pop chord progressions, necessarily sets a constraint on the flow and is prone to keep it around with an iron fist.

A decent first effort, for sure, and the next step, I feel, would be to come up with ideas that not only dare to deviate from the open string harmonic structures as means to lay out the sonic foundations to be entertained, but desire to do so, as well. A promising EP, and one that dares to project a notion of classicism on a genre currently suffering from the desperate need of contemporary attention.

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