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Monday, October 7, 2013

Slade - This Time It's Personal review

Year : 2013
Genre : Hip Hop, Rap
Label : Slade Records
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Though Slade's unmistakable talent at sculpting out intriguing mid-tempo backdrops necessarily is evident and an immediate ear treat to behold, the primal name of the inherent hip hop game is the Washington DC based prospect's powerful lyrical content, courtesy of said element's unusual levels of readiness to thoroughly contain and reflect the everyday/myriad states of mind compatible with the almost obligatorily complicated mixture of hopefulness and hot zone-paranoia, both oftentimes associated with the hip hop centric urban lifestyle. A keen affection towards the straightforward, raw melodic hip hop hook and muscular harmonic environment is observable throughout this debut LP, one which exhibits both raw and well rounded production values that bestow a legitimate identity right from the beginning.

The agenda is characterized by elegant simplicity in the sense that Slade exhibits a ripe understanding of narrative focus, never going ashtray from the momentary pathway he is about to explore per track - commitment is showcased to deliver along the timeless (synonym : classic) extremes of the hip hop genre, be that a detailed sit rep of deeply personal emotional torments associated with parental rejection or the shocking portrayal of a man who is about to break ground with a breakdown, even though you can clearly hear that he would be ready to let all bitterness go in exchange for a honest hug the concrete monuments would warrant under any and all crimson sky. Read on to know more about this spin.

Slade's delivery is down to earth and ultra-natural : no boasting about material possessions will be imminent during this status report, and no compliments will be offered to the relentless urge of dominating your neighbor merely by the act of absolving twice as much stimuli on the field of non-censored sense gratification. You'd have to be a deaf person buried in concrete under a secret military base in Area 51 to miss out  on how authentic and - no subtler word is needed - REAL the flow is - I would go as far as to claim that the LP reeks a tamer character of early era Public Enemy in its rustic anatomy, an impression that comes to mind on the fly once you let your ears be immersed in these thoughtfully researched-, yet, at heart, gargantuan sonic declarations.

While there remains little if anything to be desired in the context of the overall catch-factor, certain secondary elements - the female backing vocals, particularly - have a tendency to be plain out of tune and out of musical key, paradoxically imbuing a sense of unease and restlessness to the fray. Only Slade himself and the backing vocal ladies know if this was a conscious choice or not, nevertheless, the emotional impact is inescapable and irreversible.

The album doubtless has a charismatically home made character, that particular touch of authenticity a mainstream release oftentimes gets robbed out of in the process of changing hands and care without count. The result is highly organic and uncompromising, - dares to showcase its relative limits and even attempts to offer them as pleasantries via considerable rhythmic cunning - and summons the dirt of the DC underground right under your feet. This optimum collision that takes place between top tier lyrical content and full musculature classic mid-tempo hip hop vibes is ignited by the adept creative forges of an ubiquitous, brave Do It Yourself mentality, that which maintains a constant touch with the most prominent Rule of All : if it sounds RIGHT, then it IS right.

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