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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BluRum13 - Inverted review

Year : 2013
Genre : Hip Hop with an experimentive Space Opera fascination
Origin : Canada
Official site : > - here - <

Blurum13 might posture in upside down fashion on the cover image of his latest to date full length feature presentation, yet this Canadian rhymerider has considerable chance to perpetuate fresh and relevant patterns into the mere surface of hip hop, Martian face style. Finally! In other words, do not judge the product by the cheesefest cover art, because the music on the Inverted release is about to feed you to an infinite number of singularities just to warm your ears up.

Big words should be reckoned as such, and should not be offered around lightly, yet, in the exact same stone cold sober school of thought, - qwertzuiopőúóüöűáélkjhgfdsayxcvbn - they should be given when the demand for them is warranted and relentlessly claimed. Such is the case right now. The Inverted LP, simply put, is not a disc you can afford to miss out on and call yourself a contemporary rap enthusiast after. The main dynamics the spin takes you with itself by, are the intricately sculpted and super-lengthy - per track, obviously - coalitions between the narration and the sonic surroundings. BluRum13 is quick to zone in on the trademark flow of the effort after a declaration is about to reveal its structural/harmonic nature.

We are talking about a consequently mid-tempo demeanor that always maintains the right to cultivate a desire towards the more upbeat characteristics, and the evident/brilliant hip hop magic happens with top of the foodchain efficiency, courtesy of Blurum13's hilarious ability of simply NOT being able to interrupt-let alone to stop the top tier spoken textcarpet once he finds himself on a roll WITH it, and with YOU, on it. He just took you there, and you two - four, if you include the carpet and the maid - are still moving. This is not propaganda talk, nor propaganda review, ladies and gents, this is extra crispy ultrahip - tukk! - hip hop done in 2013, and you want to hear it. Read on to know more about it.

I had the chance to review quite a few hip hop albums in recent times, and while it is evident that the talent pool of the upcoming rhymeprophets is immense and is full of true musical relevance, the effort of Blurum13 doubtless is a delivery even the competent hip hop artist will want to study like there is no tomorrow. The album has a ludicrous amount of imagination and creative power in it, and, as implied by the genre description, it offers and maintains a gleeful space opera feel to coat the word wizardry with.

This hip hop album hits me as the art of comic book grandmaster Geoffrey Darrow does. The same manic level of convoluted super-intricacy and crystal clear meaning is observable, now with the ears having the most abundant amount of job to do in order to decode this special flow of ludicrously imaginative and masterfully crafted hip hop testament. The rational reader - this is the scary part, because I personally feel that the review is VERRY rational - might express concerns that surely the disc has its shortcomings, those blemishes that I am willing to skim over as result of my rampant enthusiasm, but I'm telling you, ladies and gents and all concern trolls, hip hop just does not get better than this, because it rewrites your concept of awesomeluciousness on the spot. You name your game, and the spin has it all, and then some more. I once again have to express my 101% approval towards a disc, and I feel lucky having to do this, and thank BluRum13 for that. I like every hip hop album I have reviewed on this site so far, yet this has a direct connection to the mindscape the "usual" - with an unfortunate, but descriptive word - rap album only positions itself towards.

You want this.

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