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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Brian Larney - The Starting Line review

Year : 2013
Genre : Country, Soft Rock crossover
Origin : United States
Official site : - here -

With his debut LP, Brian Larney might indeed literally be at The Starting Line, yet this definitely is a start you want to render all your musical attention to. Larney has a ripe and competent command on the trademark melodic moods and harmonic structures you are most comfortable holding unto upon a country-centered listening session, combined though with a soulfully channeled steadiness exhibited in the most important aspect of it all : the plain good old songcrafting ability.

The album is extremely easy and pleasant to decode, as its sole purpose - obviously enough - is to entertain on a laid back, yet uncompromisingly exigent genre-specific comfort zone. Occupying this full-optimum position with a pretty much perfect understanding of the bread and butter mechanics of country music, Larney never ceases to imbue a tint of family friendly roadmusic-heft into the respective builds with the utilization of soberly tamed and eloquently presented soft rock affections. Rare is the time when the miserable music critic has no other action left to him than to nod a head in unconditional approval, yet such is the case right now, as the record contains crystal clear musical thought, realized through elements that I personally would not bother looking for flaws in with a poker face worth calling one attached. Read on to know more.

As suggested, the superb songcraft on display equates with the premiere charm power of this debut, and it honestly is hard to imagine any type/shape of argument you could form a dismissive stance towards the record on. Brian Larney simply is the real deal in 2013's country/soft rock crossover field, as result of the rampant natural ability to summon the naked spirits of both genres in a manner that it seems easy - as soon as this is accomplished, the listening process becomes easy, too, and the listener itself becomes grateful that finally someone has realized the genre music you ALWAYS KNEW was possible. The harmonic passages are well sculpted and original, the fabric is richly detailed via numerous and abundant sonic volumetrics that are ready and grateful to bow down to the timeless country vibes.

Brian Larney's singing occupies a quite original position in the sense that he refuses to conform to the usual - and efficient - country mannerisms, like the nasal "badassfully singing caooboy" register you will hear in 100 country songs out of 101, while Larney happens to be the surprising 101th guy who also happens to have enough cunning and natural voice talent to deal out a legitimate personal timber on the table without compromising the boundaries of country in the process.

This really is one of those rare cases when the modest-but-beautiful intricacy of the music truly begs to speak for itself, since everything is decipherable right on the spot, and a true pleasure to do so, trust me. I realize that a neutral observer might consider this review an ultra-positivistic one, - 'sup, Crimson Eagle Eye - but a music critic worth calling one is in the music critic business to hear her/his image of perfect music reflected in real life, - and not to kick butts around verbally - and Brian Larney's The Starting Line doubtless reflects my personal inner image of perfect country music, and adds something to this image to make it fuller, much to the enjoyment of my awareness. I'm convinced that the album is capable to bestow the same effect on you, provided you are willing to absorb the care and cunning contained on this release. The LP respects and rewrites your conception of the best variant of what country/soft rock has to offer, and that's the minimum and simultaneous maximum you can expect from a masterfully realized genre specific sonic declaration. Needles to say, the spin is an immediate recommendation for the general populace.

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