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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Human Behavior - Golgotha review

Year : 2013
Genre : Folk with a tame psychedelic fascination
Label : Folktale Records
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Golgotha brings forth soulful folk music with a predominantly positivistic and contemplative attitude fueling the respective tracks. The release is a well focused and polite - in the most optimal sense of the word - effort that has a flawless understanding of its premiere charms and all the boundaries that this particular type of covert silence assassination - don't worry, silence always returns somehow, for some time, ultimately - should respect, courtesy of the prime emotions and moodsets that are about to be expressed. As noted, the music is positively and delightfully harmless and calming, and, despite that you'd be even free to challenge it for the rampant/beautiful simplicity it seeks to offer, the field of submission eventually will ensue and command you as its mere possession, and you will be - secretly, at least - grateful for it. Read on to know more about this.

The adeptly executed tactic of the release is to make competent use of any and every instrument known to the primal human, but there is one prerequisite : you have to be able to play your apparatus under any and every circumstances. The warmly bloated, soberly constrained acoustic vibes are rampant and insatiable, as they are seeking to support the timeless efficiency of momentary mood cultivation. There is nothing here worth trying escaping from. The release knows that your only chance is to listen, after all, and, doing so, you will mellow out, provided you sport a heart. You should try it sometimes.

It bears mentioning that the ensemble doubtless has a keen readiness to offer harmonic structures worth checking it for the maximum fun effect they relentlessly represent when evaluated in their given arrangement. No other choice than to submit, once these patterns are revealed in any and every cosmologically - "logical" order. Well, what IS the logical order?? The one YOU can find and come up with - period. In this sense, the band can even get away with the following sentence : "I am a raccoon and your father thinks I am beautiful." The trick is to rinse and repeat - it will become the most elegantly beautiful expression of All Cosmic Truth, trust me. God is a gay person - but everything else, too.

The disc, as mentioned, is harmless, kind, and occasionally quite delightful, as result of the rather odd yet entertaining lyrics. The presentational form also is deeply personal, yet easily accessible if and when what you are looking for is nothing else than ultra-naturalistic - from a productional standpoint - and immediately decipherable folk music with a tint of tame psychedelia mounted on the top of it for additional modal colors. The lead singers, for example, - a lady and a gentleman - could not give smaller of a dime with two lost holes in it for what you think of their singing, and this very conviction makes their performance authentic and enjoyable. The album, while generally a safe and dangerless ride, boasts certain peaking moments in its flow - "Earth, Heart, Heart" is the definite highlight of the overall fabric, in my opinion, with a strong enough structural region and hook to re-capture the pivotal moments of the famous Nirvana Unplugged concert from the early '90s, and the lyrics here are especially - for the lack of a better "personal" word - ... sexy.

"I just cannot die."

Someone who realizes.

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