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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thomas J - Money Sex Religion Mixtape review

Year : 2013
Genre : Hip Hop
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

The talent pool of the upcoming hip hop artists seems and sounds to be especially deep, and Thomas J is one of the dudes whose feet touch the floor of said pool while his head popping out at sky levels, yo. (Makes you wonder how come I see it, yes?)

The Money Sex Religion Mixtape makes superb and efficient use of classic-, timeless grooves and harmonic passages you will greet as significant friends you once had AND still have. Many of these nicely realized synth pop backdrops have their origins deeply seated in famous and relevant musical patterns established by different sub-genres and their respective eras, yet Thomas J always delivers a full blown take on the given idea, not relenting until dressing a separate identity around it with the same experience in it, so to say. Sounds convoluted? Good, because that is the agenda.

Thomas J has a beneficial tendency to rap his stuff out as if there would be no tomorrow, - and who's to say there IS, all right?? - conveying a sense of intensity that remains intact even in the more placid sonic declarations of urban city - which I know is a tautology, feel free to soak tongue in rectum in rhythmic fashion until further notice - experience point harvesting. A combination of exceptionally colorful backdrops and abundant amount of lyrical content showcased in the respective songs, Thomas J's Money Sex Religion reveals to me everything I have ever thought about rap so far, and then something more - which is the hallmark of a top tier hip hop record, to be perfectly frank. Read on to know more about this effort and about my overall sentiments towards the upcoming hip hop artists, in the context of this very album right here.

This isn't the first time that I've found an "out of the blue"/ unknown hip hop album to be much more intact and much more well made as one "normally" would anticipate it, - luckily, I'm fucked - and Thomas J's Money Sex Religion is the perfect example to solidify this fruitful dynamics that is out to rip the face off from your prejudices. Don't worry, your favorite prejudice will look much better with its face ripped off. (I know this because it could not possibly look any worse while wearing its face.) This mixtape is the sole representative of the fact that you simply can't dismiss someone new just because you have not heard of his hip hopping before. Thomas J deserves your attention, simply because he and the team behind him - along with quite a few ladies delivering feature gigs throughout the fabric - put all due efforts to be worthy to entertain your attention with finely articulated content. Great microscopic details are abundant on the disc. Here is an example : listen how Thomas J sings "Top Notch Chick" as a complimentary chorus backing vocal in said song's chorus hook. Easy to recognize once someone revealed its existence to you, eh? I like the modal content of the album, too. "Fucking in the studio", a reoccurring theme. What's not to like? This is what the main goal of hip hop ultimately is all about, to be honest. It all happens for the pussy. Everything worth mentioning, happens for the pussy.

Thomas J's Money Sex Religion - see my point? - mixtape brings exceptionally soulful realization and a whole lot of relevant content to sink your teeth into. Seriously, if you are curious about the present state of independent hip hop, - which starting to become synonymous with "authentic" - this right here is the ideal starting point. You can check out the mixtape here, hooka.

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