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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spawn of Possession - Incurso review

Year : 2012
Genre : Technical Death Metal
Label : Relapse
Origin : Sweden
Rating : 9.3 / 10

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Spawn of Possession's Incurso is a robust technical death metal release with 52 minutes of - not at all surprisingly - super-intense fractal complexity. The Sweden ensemble of illustrious characters put together a delivery which is a worthy flow of ripost to what the recent era of this exceptionally demanding subgenre has graced upon us.

Obscura, Gorod and Blotted Science are quick to come to mind when witnessing the rampant ways of this delivery, which, no doubt, has the obscene amount of work in it that, make no mistake, a technical death metal release necessarily demands during its own creation process, during its own evolution. Read on to find out more about this slick rebellion against silence.

The miserable critic finds itself in a pleasant position when graced by such eminent content as this disc is, as the music on this record simply reigns above the tools of criticism, regardless of the - phah! - sophistication level of those tools. The reason behind this is simple enough : technical death metal, when done even "remotely properly", is able to reveal such a pronounced index finger into the face of the epitome of all expectations, that the causality of being subjected to seemingly random-, but, in reality, extremely rigorously organized sonic content, to THIS very day equates to one of the most intense listening experiences a human nervous system can go through.

Technical death metal is a bitch AND a very mean at that, because it tolerates no lies, nor shortcuts. It only tolerates the pair of desire and devotion to submit to the steep urge to flatter the blind potentiality of chaos, with intent to draw million eyes and million faces for it, and pay for its intricate patterns with Godzilla workhours. In short, technical death metal already is in the position that it tolerates ONLY top of the heat audio content, no exceptions.

Everything less and anything less kills this music on spot. All bands that are playing technical death metal, need to create top of the heat content, because the standards already are super-high, courtesy of central declarations of the subgenre. As such, there is no need-, nor method for me on my part to "properly" tell you about the technical death metal music you will find on this spin, because words are not capable to reflect the experience of this music. All I can say, is that it is legit technical death metal, and that is NOT the same as saying it is legit power metal. I guarantee you that you will find a legit power metal band in every closet, you just need to search for a bit.

Delivering in this genre is much more demanding than, say, to create a superb progressive metal album, in which orthodox methodologies to narrate a musical thought, are totally acceptable. (Hell, even James LaBrie is totally acceptable in progressive metal!) In technical death metal, only intricately revealed chaos is acceptable, and everything else is dishonesty towards the intent-, towards the mission of this music. Beethoven is a technical death metal musician, have zero doubt about that, ladies and gentlemen.

This record brings intricately sculpted sonic chaos for 52 minutes. The experience, as hinted, is reminiscent in nature to the music you will find on the other great releases I have linked the review of for you in the intro section of this text. This sonic declaration of Spawn of Possession is greeted by its similarly monumental peers as a worthy partner to glorify the technical death metal subgenre with. The minds behind these albums are contemporary musical heroes willing to put tremendous workhours to bring you this level of deliciously obscene sonic intricacy, and you need to check them out as soon as possible, in my opinion.

Rating : 9.3 / 10

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  1. Sounds like a good album, but more importantly - I really enjoyed reading your detailed analysis/description of Tech DM - its spot on.

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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