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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cunt - Monday Cunt

GyZ gives you the song : Cunt - Monday Cunt. Listen in HD please.

This is a song about a woman, who, for whatever mysterious reason, loves to be called a cunt.

Lyrics :

I want you to kill me first
then lock me into your festering heart
I want you to wake up next
and do the procedure right from the start

something that I've never seen on you
something that changes you too
revealing the better but hiding the worst
hiding the worst of you
your sudden burst of pride
sucking me inside
stumble around to keep stumble around
to keep stumble around on your mind

your glamour-heart of baby blue

your proper heart of baby blue
it wants all things I am not
'cause I'm shit out of luck

she loves to be called a cunt

rubber lover
she's a miracle
a spectacle
for whatever

she loves to be called a cunt

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