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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Perilium - Optic 72 review

Year : 2012
Genre : Progressive Rock with a Psychedelic Light-Sludge flavor
Label : Independent
Origin : Australia
Official sites :  > - Bandcamp - <
                      > - Facebook - <

Australian Perilium is into the Opeth horizon of progressive music deliverance, expressing the related key-affections and a nice variety of unique flavors on a full-value debut LP that is accessible at the band's Bandcamp as a whole listen session and a name-your-price offering.

Though it would be misleading to tag this contribution with an additional "sludge" genre label outright, I personally think that the fabric of this music shows a great deal of exquisite and pleasant similarities both to the Opeth-, and, to the Place of Skulls stance towards - so called - things. The instrumental track "Mirage" is a song worshiping a harmonic pattern your premiere doom wizard Victor Griffin would be super-fond of, and it remains notable throughout that Perilium finds considerable joy AND efficiency at channeling from a musical Zone that equally is fervent at progression while belonging at heart to a pseudo-morose/peaceful emotional disposition. This behavior might be a beneficial one to conduct a spiritual experiment with, which pretty much what this album is. A spiritual experiment ready and able to submit both to fragile AND robust southern vibes - submitting to mammoth-sludge, on occasion - among a "spacescape" of the primordial psychedelic private investigations. Read on to find out more about this honest, surprisingly ripe delivery.

Though the individual songs of the flow exhibit evident capacity to exist on their own as autonomous declarations, Perilium's Optic 72 reveals its intended Ultimate Face of valiant and relevant trip-experience as a full listen, - best spent on your-, or on someone else's back - taking you on a spiritual sightseeing that is quite rewarding to be subjected to. The disc, luckily enough, is fueled by the intent to primordially and exigently entertain along the favorite rhetorics it excels at, and these terms, I feel, are not exaggerations.

Perilium maintains focus and luscious variety during the LP's highly ideal run time, which clocks in about 40 minutes. Interestingly enough, bands with a similar approach often dwell on the misconception with misplaced enthusiasm that a progressive rock record with a psychedelic and quasi-sludge flavor should not relent below the 1 hour mark, - at that is just an EP, dudette! - and that often is a tolling length to endure with largely similar sentiments to soak a human nervous system into. If you are a Golem, good for you.

Remember, you can not really go borderline-happy here or suicidal-sorrowful without the majority of the audience being interrupted. No, this direction of music seeks to explore inner spaces and their related thought-patterns in equally calm, YET eventful manner. It is primarily "supposed to be" mystical, as this music aims to be honest regarding the (current) spiritual limitations of both its resonators and its listeners.

Contrary to popular (?) belief, you don't need to be stoned to a sedated gargoyle to be able to scientifically immerse yourself in inner spaces, so a nice sense of variety along the soberly accessible palette of tools is not only a possibility to rely on, but it is pretty good to see and hear when the possibility gets taken efficient advantage of, too. Optic 72 never mistakes trance with self-indulgence amidst patters of limited charisma power. The Aussies are not afraid to entertain the receptors with full blown instrumental narratives, and even tasteful, zero-wankery guitar solos are present. I especially like the solo guitar tone, it packs that "desert wolf" feeling, while the overall production is crisp, in-your-face sonic resonance that could crush you any time, it is just kind enough to refrain from that. (Most of the time.)

The segments exhibit a legitimate, organic flow and it especially is nice to see that the album does not get hooked in terms of orthodox song structuring : you hardly, if ever will know at your first listening if the vocalist dude is nearby with the next verse, or, if the music will form and declare its right to take you wherever it wants to. By all means, please do that. This album does exactly that, and I'm impressed. Recommended.

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