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Friday, March 30, 2012

Lega-c - DASH review

Year : 2012
Genre : Hip Hop with a smooth character
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

According to the official sum total of things, Lega-c has made a name for himself within the DC, Maryland and VA area. Starting out small and growing his team and fan base, he is now branching out on a national level. (As a start.) His debut delivery, DASH, and this here review of said full length declaration - that which is as fresh as ballistic dew is on the top of a tent on the Summer Himalayas - marks the firs major tactical operation of this ambitious agenda. Why not consort such a masterplan with exigency IF and WHEN you : can. Witness!! Lega-c actually gives you LYRICS in the digital booklet that comes with the album download.

The shape of hip hop on the debut places emphasis on a relaxed and smooth spiritual calibration that fuels 13 tracks that mostly are highly optimistic, humorous and passionate in nature. The subterfuge-intimidation of grimly realistic ghetto romantics is nowhere to be found on the disc, in fact, the LP openly embraces some ultra-fuzzy compositional strategies like cozily emotional - and great! - female singing and rhythm and blues hooks that tenderly and properly reek the vintage kind of Motown Michael Jackson grown up - quite literally - with. This is not at all to imply that DASH would be a soft hip hop release. Nope. It is "just" smooth. But not at all criminal. Read on to find out more about this elegant debut.

With 50 minutes of content rich stimuli in the lyrics department that gives a whole lot of curvatious thoughts to soak a mind or more into, - depending if you are listening to the disc with a high definition sista' or two included on the bed - the availability of the lyrics booklet is a benefit that I don't mind repeating, because it also signifies that Lega-c is serious about his craft enough to document the single most important aspect behind it : yes, the thought. Music is magic in the sense that it has the capacity to render emotion to the written/sung/rapped word, and the variation on display here weighs in as a richly detailed sonic landscape, most often exhibiting smooth synthpop characteristics, but, with more lushness, I dare say, with more sex-appeal to them than what you would "normally" expect from a recent day rap output.

This lush, sensual premier vibe with its greatly couch/lounge compatible attributes is supported and cleverly flattered by a set of other, nicely realized affections, and this particular secondary - but still quite significant - direction is on the hunt for a more brisk experimental attitude that always offers an easily accessible hook or a pattern to relate to, while revealing a propensity to vibrantly deviate from the comfort zone offered by the rhythm and bluesy gravitational pull  the delivery naturally emanates as its own favorite capacity.

The disc strolls around quite a few rhetorics to administer the tracks along, so enthusiastic status reports about the sights and senses experienced while in ultrasmooth highlife mood, - never mind if you just imagined - and torments experienced while on the receiving end of a breakup phone call - which you surely wish you'd just imagined - are just two examples of the flamboyance the debut brings to you as a full listen.

Lega-c has a very juvenile-sounding voice in my opinion, which is quite beneficial to the themes he seems to be most comfortable with, especially as the style herein lacks all gangsta-antics whatsoever. The rapping mainly is mid-tempo and travels on a natural flow, yet there are a couple of tracks in the fabric that exhibit a more valiant tendency to offer a glimpse towards the George Watsky side of the trade. I think the track called "Tuberculosis" is probably the most intense on the disc from the aspect of sheer speed, as featured guest rapper Darren Hanible and your host collectively deliver a groovalicious co-op session-attack on your hungry receptors throughout said song, and it is very easy to get impressed by the performance. Lega-c and Darren Hanible exhibit quite fluent chops and rhymes herein during epic one-breath bursts. A good example of how serious the debut can get as.

As I stated twice and I don't mind stating it for a third time, this disc comes with a lyrics booklet, and that, to me, indicates that its creator is as serious about the delivery that I personally think all hip hop artists SHOULD be about their work. Sure, sure, it is not a big tragedy if your release don't have a lyrics booklet, but trust me when I say that it is at least a LITTLE one. People love. those. things. (Not little tragedies. They love lyrics booklets.) To wrap this review up, I will say this : Lega-c's DASH marks another fine contribution to recent day hip hop, taking you to the relaxed-, smooth side of the trade, and I recommend it.

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