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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sounds on Fire - Stereo Solar Systems review

Year : 2012
Genre : Experimental Synthpop
Label : Independent
Origin : Australia
Official site : > - here - <

According to the band's self-definition, Sounds of Fire is so underground that the fire from the Earth's core constructs the mere sounds they produce. This is as good of a perspective as you will ever have if you are looking for a squad ready and able to embed a sonic statement into the very center of your awareness.

Whirling with a thunder from down under, the freshest declaration of this secretive Australian ensemble combines spaced-out - quite literally - visual information with rampant-unalloyed experimental synthpop audio data, coming to your way from highly illegal spatial dimensions in the unprecedented form of the Stereo Solar System Space / Musical experience, from which the only way out is : through. No. Sanity. Remains. Unaffected. Read on to find out more about this rabid synthpop delivery.

It goes without saying that the ideal method to subject yourself to this stimuli by, is to let yourself be affected by the cooperative workings of both the visual information and the audio data. The contribution is not at all reluctant to address its key elements in a hasty and efficient way, of which the myriad of heavily processed computer voices and an intentionally crystal clear palette of mostly evenly spaced synthpop-samples and related compositional strategies are mandatory ingredients. Among the biomechanical voices, one particular female computer is a central character. Her voice is pretty sexy, kind of S.H.O.D.A.N., and remains that even after it turns out that she (?) sports a dick. ¿WTF!!!!!!1one. The character of the music is playfully pseudo-schizophrenic and diffuse, - I'm sane, the voices told me, too - yet, thank God & Co., never to the point that which would harm the anatomy of the sonic flow.

The general shape of things and patterns are freely positioned, casual declarations of an artistic ethos that loves to get surprised and is not afraid to show the facial expression that is coming with it while at that. This monster-length is not particularly after the easily accessible pattern, - synonym : it is brave enough to not give the promise of a shit for it - nor for the environment of sound that seeks to comfort your OH!, so precious anticipations. No. For this release, your instant initial anticipations are not important. People seem to be quite reliable in the sense that they want whatever /whoever does not want THEM, so this behavior from the record's part creates a constant sense of intriguing alienation. It IS a space-mindfuck, after all.

It is pretty safe to say that the release exhibits no particular weaknesses in any of its zones, - there are a plentiful, remember, it is a ride weighing in with 17 minutes - yet its tendency to make the sacred core of 4/4 pummeling deviate from itself rhythmically, is a trait the album looks quite superb with, whenever it decides to submit to this pastime. The primordial character of the release though exhibits that of a decent-, muscular, modernly old-school synthpop statement with a constant, reliable pulse to it, and a key beneficiary trait of it is the fact that it delivers the sonic goods without ever seeking to intimidate the listener.

Shodan : out.

Sounds on Fire - Stereo Solar System Space / Music experience : in.

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