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Friday, March 23, 2012

Haemic - Fields of Sanguine

Year : 2012
Genre : Blackened Death Metal with mild psychedelic leanings
Label : Clean State Records
Origin : Taiwan
Official site : > - here - <

Haemic's latest is a full blown ML - Monster-Length - that shows tremendous promise and suffers greatly from coarse-, on occasion, even rudimentary production values. Though the channeled genre of blackened death metal usually exhibits no hard time tolerating modest production appeals while not even signifying rampant desire for anything more fancy than those, Haemic, I feel, is on a constant-, and relatively misplaced urge to move in for the intimidating sound all the time, and the sonic environment that the sounds should be parked into safely and comfortably, - regardless of their intent to give you the hurt real bad - are bleeding to each other like there is no tomorrow to do that again on. The canvas herein is almost never enough to reveal and contain these lethal ambitions in their full anti-glory, and, since no place to paint on remains, the sonic entities are enthusiastic to crash into the void kamikaze style in order to die violent deaths in the triumphant, horrifying clutches of non euclidean anti-existence. Not a nice thing to behold at all, yet, if that was the agenda, then the album is an immediate-, and supreme success. Read on to find out more about the delivery.

The LP has concept of the "vastly powerful sound", the "gargantuanly stupendously powerful sound", and everyhing and anything above THAT. The concept of limitation is damaged to the core on this release, which I feel is a key deficit of the album. Even the gentle sounds bleed through the extremes of the respective frequency domains, which in my opinion is a clear sign of a misinterpreted production ethos, that which seemingly have no current concept of limitation or audio-sculpting.

Almost everything is in your-face sonic maelstrom of limitless, - and thus, distorted anatomy with zero regards to their surroundings. The dormant intent is highly acceptable, until a clear anatomy is devoted to the monsters, and, until the separation between them invites a sense of sublime-, hidden-but-evident interconnectedness to be deciphered by the listener during the listening experience itself. These sonic monsters though bring little else than lethal arrogance at face value, and they "just" kill each other off in cold blood. This is not to say that the thought is missing. The thought IS there, it is only getting compromised by the incoming noise of the other thought. They are competing, when they probably should co-operate to entertain. They are toppled on each other as huge cosmic abominations, eventually being pushed against the walls of the sonic environment as the result of the cumulative arch-chaos they reveal in their dissected-alive-torment, bleeding through into the distortion void when they supposed to convey registers that reign beyond the confines of the canvas of silence. Lionel! LOOK! Silence won! (AGGain. GG!) In other words, the production values of this release are pretty suicidal, yet, once you made your efforts to temporarily accept this fact, there is music to be behold, too. Read on to find out more about that.

Undisciplined realization values aside, the music on display herein is pretty tight at what it seeks to do, and that is to suck out your soul through your eyes, as a start. As noted, the name of the game herein is unrelenting, unforgiving blackened death metal with a whole lot of fine stuff going on in the sense of variation and ideas, no problem at all in those departments. The primordial feel of the LP speaks a quasi-Burzum black metal register that has an affection towards the symphonic death metal of Fleshgod Apocalypse, and a reoccurring psychedelic theme - think of a wicked Tim Burtonian circus master feel - is an equal addition to the favorite pastimes of the spin. A sense of crazed/fanciful, hilariously deranged, neoclassical LSD feel is a frequent invitee of the disc, too, and this compliments the more harsh polarities and tendencies of the flow with rabid eloquence. I especially like the vocal contribution as far as its authenticity goes, it is the good old fashioned crow-spouting that promises no good for no thing at all.

At the end of the day, - and, at the very beginning of the next one - this particular album with this particular mix has legit potential and strong ideas, and it also reigns in the proud need of being re-mastered pretty much from scratch, in my opinion. This is not to say that the album is not a full-value declaration. It IS, but more so as a legendary subculture-demo tape, than as a finished and - even mildly - polished final product. The contribution comes to you with a set of multi-tracks variants, which means you will have instrumental versions of 6 tracks from the total of 10 tracks that constitute the album. A solid output in the dire need of more - MUCH. more - sonic separation in its soulcontent, and, in the need to lose half of its intent to kill, because the remaining will be enough to erase the Sun, as a start.

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