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Monday, March 26, 2012

Pharaoh - Bury the Light review

Year : 2012
Genre : Power Metal Progressive Metal
Label : Cruz Del Sur Music
Origin : United States
Rating : 9.2 / 10

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Pharaoh takes its power metal so lethally AND progressively serious that the inherent will is sufficient to enslave the respective spirits of both elegant subgenres, which is not something you frequently witness from the majority of peers, as other-, orthodox power metal ensembles tend to remain occupied revealing unrelenting pathos on the tail of a fight related chorus. This prestigious American enterprise feeds from the power metal fields that are not necessarily available for the risk-freely eloquent, not without creating the character of this music using more flamboyant ingredients than "just" the primer-, super-orthodox components of power metal. A key thing that differentiates this delivery from a - with a term dressed in a hint of spite - generic power metal, is that there is nothing generic about it at all. Pharaoh's Bury the Light LP is power metal from the bottom of the meeeeeeetal heeeeeeart, - rubber heart WTF?? - showing no character similarities to your average live fantasy soundtrack of cheesefest unlimited. Read on to find out more about this exquisite full value spin.

The music on the record conveys vintage charisma with contemporary production values, and you will have a hard time finding this disc being on the run for sonic intimidation. The finely sculpted limitation-dynamics are as important herein as mere sound itself is. The record utilizes a largely power chord based approach in regards to harmonic passages and structuring, while the eloquent mid- and high frequency details both come to you as much welcomed strategies to deliver fluent intricacy with. The compositions are colorful fabrics of myriad diligent behaviors seeking out tasteful variation. This kind of variation, I tend to think, is the result of a brave and experiential phrasing strategy, that loves to surprise itself in a constant manner. If you listen carefully, it is pretty safe to say that the album borders on progressive metal for a healthy dosage of the playtime, only substitute the monumental production-wizardry guitars of recent day progressive metal with "just" honest, much rawer guitar sound, that which though still shows capacity to recognize, know and obey its limits.

The fabric of the record is intensely fluctuant - between good, better and awesome - and eventful, and your best possible bet, both as listener or as miserable music critic, is to submit to the data as no other option will be given, anyway. The disc, after a couple of listens, is not reluctant to reveal its favorite methodologies and the riff-, the hookcraft will almost surely affect you if you have a heart or soul or both. Here is a YouTube link to a superb song of this album, especially check the chorus starting from 2:57 : pure awesomeness. Lyris to the chorus supplied below so you don't need to search.

 Lyrics for the hook I'm referring to, starting from 2:57 :

"Oh! Can I ever hope to recover?
Back into the sea The heaving depths of my misery
No! Can I hope again to discover
A thread to set me free To end the torture of history?"

I could bore a surge of visitors half to death by verbalizing the musical percepts that I am able to pick up and project out as scant mimes and incapacitated word-models of the real meaning, but the flow is much too abundantly stacked herein with beautiful power metal progression to legitimalize such act. The idea herein is "just" to listen to the music yourself, as Bury the Light seriously entertains and knows no concept of anything less. Highly recommended.

Rating : 9.2 / 10

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