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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Impending Doom - Baptized In Filth review

Year : 2012
Genre : Deathcore / Groove Metal
Label : eONe
Origin : United States
Rating : 8.8 / 10

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Mere Impending Doom is finally realized through the eagerly anticipated Baptized In Filth LP, and the disc is pretty obedient and rampant towards satisfying and shaping your likely anticipations. Officially, this is a pure deathcore release, but I think it sounds pretty evident that the contribution packs much more than usual groove metal influence, and the whole 34 minutes 34 seconds build is on a constant agenda to submit to a nicely presented Pantera influence, only this T-Rex has been put to a vegan diet in a cage it was imprisoned in, and now it is finally breaks free, so you can imagine the mood it starts to acquaint itself with the environment in.

Luckily, the fray won't find too many - if any - places to lose relevant amount of steam on, as the Impending Doom members made sure to cultivate this deathcore / groove hybrid with high definition groove riffage and blast beat galore for this period of time, - the slowest tempo the record has concept of is the good old mid-tempo earthquake rumble - so the fabric shows a well balanced and exigent character, most of time. The one caveat you are free to have is the pronounced reliance on the scattered-on-the-floor iron disc cutter metalcore breakdown structures, which, in theory, are still awesome methods to deviate from a main theme, but their (over)usage these days tends to slaughter down the last remaining promise of a surprise, in my opinion. Read on to find out more about the disc.

Fortunately, I already have mentioned the Pantera influence I think the disc is openly and keenly submits to, so now is the time to tamely iterate. Notice that even the lead vocalist sports a super-similar style to Anselmo's, only this particular timber lacks that uniqueness, that clearly revealed personality, but he still gets the job done no problem.

The core of this release is constructed upon a pair of compositional key-behaviors, as the band comes forth with an equal urge to deliver mid-tempo and more intense flows reeking all premiere blast beat patterns and then some. With great delight I inform you that the mid-tempo builds are exhibiting constant-, and highly successful efforts to surprise you with odd rhythm patterns through the contact comfort of riffage and drumwork, up to the point that the resultant stimuli writes into your psyche as an organic mixture of rabid-ass groove metal and cybernetic djent. The guitars have an almost percussive effect, which always is as sexy as being stabbed by high heels. (Multiple times.)

The album is not in a hurry to seek out all that unorthodox elements other than tasteful addition of soaring synths here and there - the music relentlessly remains guitar-centered even by those times - and there is a three minute sludge / ambient epic on the disc, too, which registers as a superb blend between Depeche Mode and Type O'Negative. I have a hunch that Peter Steele, Martin Gore and Dave Gahan are approving of this song as a hive entity, and such a track must truly be efficient at what it seeks to do. Indeed, this track, called "My Light Unseen" is a very nice addition to the otherwise total-hyper-fucking-extra-brutal grroove/deathcore fray, and quite frankly it fell upon me as one of the most pleasant musical surprises of the year so far.

The disc, I feel, is less fervent musically than certain other representatives of its peers is, in the sense that it satisfies with drawing the intended form and it lets it to live on its own, the band does not really cares to offer high frequency compliments to the archetype of the form once it has been revealed. Bear in mind that this behavior might exactly be what you are looking for. Recommended.

Rating : 8.8 / 10

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