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Friday, February 10, 2012

Tracedawn - Lizard Dusk

Year : 2012
Genre : Melodic Death Metal Alternative Metal with Disco temper
Label : Redhouse Finland Music Publishing
Origin : Finland
Rating : 6.9 / 10

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Tracedawn's Lizard Dusk is as accessible melodic death metal that it might also be regarded as a form of radio friendly discopop music. The data on this LP is crystal clear, polished glitter audio contained within the continuous guard of gigantic rhythm guitars reigning at both channels, and the name of the prey of this sonic hive-entity always is radio friendly accessibility. Nothing else, nothing less, nothing more. This is very friendly bubblegum music, dare I say, cartoon melodic death metal with a discopop temper, and the only thing that will constantly remind you of its death character, - beside the gargantuan rhythm guitars - are the growls and screams. These vocal transmissions are delivered along a deep register, and they are sounding much more convincing in my opinion, than the neurotic high pitched screaming that also is widely popular.

The discopop melodic death metal is constantly colored by segments of alternative metal interludes. These additions are rendered by clean singing, and almost always rely on wall of sound power chord structures, showing relatively mixed results in their success factor. Some of these alternative melodic chorus-hooks are decent, some are less so, and I personally did not find a single one that can measure up to an instant classic hook the Mors Subita debut LP is virtually packed full of. Read on to find out more about this release.

It is an admirable quality of this disc that it is honest and quick at revealing the central sonic rhetorics on board within minutes. The following sentence is not meant to be a negativistic one, quite the contrary. If you have heard one song from this track, you pretty much have heard every other one, as all the songs herein rely on the same template structure, on the same blueprint. The music on Tracedawn - Lizard Dusk is not "just" catchy discopop melodic death metal. It is engineered to be it, and risks are not taken, nor their nearness is tolerated. In fact, this is the first melodic death metal spin I'm aware of that might give you a sugar overdose, as result of its discopop character.

Since the whole album is stable as a rigorous product that never deviates from its aspirations, evidently flatter moments are nonexistent on it. But superb moments are hard to come by, too. My personal favorite of the album is track 4, called "The Crawl". After a nice intro from the beginning to 1:45, the album brings all things it ever will, with top efficiency. Sci-fi pop synths and high frequency sci-guitars wonder around on both channels, disciplined rigorously by a monstrous bass, while all these entities are bending to the will of monochrome cybernetic drums. Then the monumental rhythm guitars are coming in to back the vocals up. Discopop song structure with the tools of melodic death metal. It is a legit thing to do, what I'm getting at is my percept that the Lizard Dusk LP is not capable to bring this top form all the way. Let us see why.

My more bitter qualms and subsequent non-satisfaction are relating to the alternative metal hooks. I love alternative metal, too, if it is worth to be loved. But try introduce a cheap alternative metal hook to me, I will see it coming a galactic mile away. The song I have just been telling you about, equally has an alternative metal hook, and it sucks purple donkey dick, I'm sorry to hear. Yet, do not let yourself be talked off from this decent discopop melodic death delivery until you have heard a track of it. Once again : discopop melodic death metal with zero risks taken. It does not plant you into the wall like Mors Subita, but comes to you as an extremely easily accessible take on the style. Some will dismiss it as a discopop sellout, personally, as long as it sounds thoughtful and good, I don't feel the need to use such harsh words or invade such a position. Tracedawn - Lizard Dusk always sounds good, and sometimes sounds thoughtful. "Sometimes" is more prevalent than "often" though. So a 6.9 will have to do right now.

Rating : 6.9 / 10

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