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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ketha - 2nd Sight review

Year : 2012
Genre : Death Djent Hybrid
Label : Independent
Origin : Poland
Rating : 8.5 / 10

Quite simply, Poland's Ketha brings to you the music I personally hoped the latest Vildhjarta album would contain. While I have mild admiration toward that particular Swedish gem, its limited set of charms and its relative - cough. cough. - lack of inventive variation made it, in my opinion, a tolling spin as a full listen.

Ketha, on the other hand, is not afraid to sacrifice program time for pronounced sonic motion, giving you an unusually motivated and flamboyant 36 minutes of hybrid djent death warfare. Read on to find out more about this charismatic, charming release.

2nd Sight is a rather interesting bird, as it has zero concern regarding the listener's auditory cravings, and, as result of this, necessarily lacks any intent and any constraints to satisfy those. The nature of the music is rigorously varied, colorful, sober death metal with a much gratefully consumable djent fascination, yet, interestingly enough, the band produces a sound that is more akin to massive black metal character than the cybernetic djent sound popularized by others. This is a mindhack. The vocals are pretty standard death metal shouts, - not growls in my opinion - and, while they don't aspire to challenge the all-challenger maniac style of Jens Kidman, they are doing an efficient job at throwing vocal presence into the mix. Figuring out the lyrics without the booklet is something you will have fun doing for five and then some eternities.

Sometimes, less is more, in fact, this truth seems to be claiming legitimacy more often than to failing at it. With 36 minutes of finely varied stimulus of volatile qualities, 2nd Sight efficiently reaches the field on which you can't be bothered to turn off the music, you let it on for another spin, because the motive you are hearing already is hooky and familiar. This is a clever behavior with a related-, cunning decision behind it, especially when compared to recent robust releases with - in my opinion - tolling qualities, like the latest to date Lamb of God LP.

The music on this Polish contribution has its fair share of utterly magical moments. It has more than one, and I will give one right now. Track number 3, "Take 1" comes to mind : on a fabric of buzzing monster-wasp guitars, a cybernetic-, high frequency solo guitar addresses its own vulture-qualities, as it is witnessing how decay is tinkering below it, looking for a chunk of mildly rotten meat, suitable to sink its sonic teeth into. OK, I give another, too : the very ending of the album is superb, too. It is a short atmospheric interlude, but it has so elegant and sly melodies that it could be a splendid addition to all sci-fi movies.
There is a video game with the same title, "2nd Sight", too. Here is a link for info on it. The game is good, don't believe the opposite. I thank you for your attention and recommend this djent death hybrid with maximum personal persuasion power.

Rating : 8.5 / 10

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  1. Please turn off the metal and work on your writing skills, because you are publicly making a fool of yourself.

    If English isn't your first language, then you are learning from the wrong books.

  2. Thank you for the comment, I will do my best! :)


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