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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adena Atkins - The Slowest Curve EP review

Year : 2012
Genre : Tender Poetry Pop with a Morose Tint
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Adena Atkins both has a respectable commitment to put out music that reflects a deeply personal inner disposition, music that does not at all exhibit any urges to conform to pop(ular) sugarcoat-standards. The song structures are freely positioned-, easily accessible musical environments with zero tendency to intimidate. Quite the opposite : the songs seek to convey a semi-morose-, yet always cautiously hopeful spiritual stance in which the common denominator of involved emotional elements is uncompromising honesty, no matter the result it yields. The style Atkins has found and presents herein is a type of restrained musical poetry which though is similar in character to the lamenting tendencies of various renowned artists, its commitment to convey the primer emotion - morose, and, sometimes : fanciful with a lurking danger of getting deeeeply morose anytime - always is greater than any desire to add tastes the primordial mood configuration would have a hard time tolerating.

Adena's debut delivery is a twelve minutes long extended play, that which is available to purchase through the artist's website, - located here - and these twelve minutes are quite informative of the style Atkins has dedicated herself to, at least for the era of this particular EP. Read on to find out more about the character of this tender contribution.

The music, as hinted, is deeply personal and assuaging in character, and it is safe to say that the stimuli has a chance to lend a shoulder to rest or cry on for everybody caught up in a similar soul-content, and this particular one is not at all hard to get into for a human, because it primordially is : human.

One thing needs to be said, and that is that you should not expect Adena Atkins to belt out galactic notes of sonic overpower, as this is not the intention here at all. The EP is super-reluctant to weigh down on you segments with more simultaneous flow of notes parked in them than three-, maybe four at tops, ensuring that your own sentiments have a space between Adena's, and the creation of the sense of this intimacy sounds to be a key agenda of the delivery.

There is a time the debut exhibits more brisk - yet still very tender - rhythmic structures, in track number 3, called "April Rain". A definite peak moment for me, as Adena Atkins herein, for the first time, showcases her upper registers backing it up with more heft than the album previously invites her to, and my personal percept is that adding more of these segments on a full length delivery would definitely result in a morose-fanciful pop delivery to be reckoned with. All in all, Adena Atkins always is ready to lend you a shoulder to rest or cry on, and her latest EP might just be the exact thing you are secretly looking for on a rainy day.

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