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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II review

Year : 2012
Genre : Southern Retirement Home Shoegaze
Label : Southern Lord Records
Origin : United States
Rating : 1.0 / 10

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On an introductory note : I have no problem whatsoever with the fact that this album is a minimalist offering. My problem simply is that it's shit at that.

I was very glad and excited when I first discovered the doom drone formation "Earth", as their earlier output sounded like an intricately varied-, almost dangerously calm take on southern doom vibes, and the musical thought behind their earlier catalog was and STILL is luscious, evident, rampant. This personal discovery happened by the time that the band was soon to release their consecutive full length, the first installment of a future trilogy, called Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light. I have listened to that particular record for days with the intention of writing a review of it, trying to find out if the problem is with me or the album, as it contained spaced out southern music with a very demanding and tedious tendency to reiterate stone-simplistic riffs for minutes and minutes and minutes and miiiiinutes and miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinutes and oh my fucking God. I was vastly underwhelmed by the release, and decided it is better if I do not roundhouse kick it flat on its ass, and was hoping that the next addition to the trilogy - the enigmatically titled Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II - will show deviation from the ultra-minimalistic approach I personally found the first album to be. Boy, I was wrong. This next baby in the trilogy is packed with decaying cowboy corpse music with very. little. if. anything. going on in the department of actual musical development in it. Honestly, I'm baffled that this record took this much time to release, (create??) as I would say that a semi-shitty sedated blues band recreates this boring pseudo-ambient stimuli on every fucking day of the week, just buy them a barrel of beer to put you into a deep sleep. Read on to find out "more" about this - in my opinion - uncompromisingly uninspired, boring southern retirement home release.

The only way I can imagine digging this record by, is to be an even bigger snob than Yours, Truly, and I can envision a full blown space cowboy commenting on this article later on, informing nearby general consensus that the reviewer is a douché latex gimp with a billiard ball in his mouth and is fucked only by rabid power metal dwarfs, and he has no relevant knowledge at all about HOW you ACTUALLY are supposed to listen to this amazing sonic testament. Yeah, I hear you, cowboy. I suppose I need to ride on a weedrocket heavy enough so I need to hold it with both hands, and, when I'm stoned to a fucking gargoyle, THEN I will get the viiibeZZ o' the recoo'd aye? GTFO, I'm begging you. This sounds to me as supremely mediocre ambient bullshit cowboy music played by drunk ass zombie cowboys that seek to rob out the fabric of reality of time, and SOME segments - not more - of this album could be used in a tryout-Breaking Bad scene that does not appear in the final episode, I'll give it that. This is music played for the enjoyment of its players. And NO, nothing is THAT deep or THAT vibrant on it, no. Everything is randomly spaced/stoned out stillness, and the band satisfies with the limited beauty of the casual pattern that necessarily emerges when even minimally enthusiastic musicians -shame on them - care to pay attention to each other. Other than that, bring the flame and please educate me on what I am missing here. Right now, I hereby declare this release a joke and a bitter of it until further notice, and I of course remain ready to re-evaluate my position if you point out the anatomical distortions of my impressions of this release. A very shameful album, in my opinion, with no capacity other than to rob you out of 46 minutes you could spend better, including amidst these activities to play this ACME- bullshit ambient blues music for yourself with a tormented guitar and a drunk ass monkey, or hell, wanking off to a shitty porn drawing. Good l(i)(u)ck with that.

Rating : 1.0 / 10

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1 comment:

  1. lol, the "retirement home release" part had me laughing out loud! I'm checking this record now on YouTube,and so far it is truly freakin' boring. Certainly doesn't do justice to the Space\Stoner genre IMO, which has some awesome bands like The Egocentrics and My Sleeping Karma.


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