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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I, The Breather - Truth and Purpose review

Year : 2012
Genre : Metalcore
Label : Sumerian Records
Origin : United States
Rating : 5.0 / 10

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Approaching this record with great anticipation will almost surely disappoint you, in my opinion. Unless you have bought this LP, of course. It is totally normal to delude yourself into thinking that this is the reinvention of metalcore, in case you have paid for this release.

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno. I, The Breather brings you the same kind of ultra-iterated metalcore you have heard a million times before, and it seems to me as a shameless distortion of the related "pseudo-facts" if someone you know or hear about this release from seeks to introduce this disc as the next big metalcore thing. The genre seems to stagnate steadily, and this LP does not seem to draw a point to explore a profitable direction from, not to my ears. Read on to find out more about this vastly predictable, sorrowfully complacent sonic product.

I need to re-saturate my delicate position of the blatantly deceived, as birds were twittering to me about this release as the next legit astonishment in metalcore warfare, as I just hinted previously. I sent a bird back with the message attached to its leg : "Get your head out of your ass, I'm begging you". There are vastly more efficient and significant recent releases than this is, even from the same record company this spin belongs the catalog to of. I just reviewed Veil of Maya's latest outing, and that LP, while doubtless belongs to the microgenre of deathcore, brings much more vivid entertainment AND a breath of much needed fresh air than the metalcore ultra-orthodoxies this record is a tepid galore of have ever had the capacity or ambition to dream of. If you are a met(h)(al)core maniac, you still will delude yourself that it is fresh, of course.

Take all the metalcore platitudes that to this day still weigh in as marketable, - which signifies a terrible state of musical massawareness and hive-exigency - dissect recorded riffs to parts, feed them into a randomizer routine and copy-paste your fucking ass to hell and back. Be sure to include a part next where you bang on your bottom open string, and place your fingers on random frets from time to time to add musical variation to your pre. In the chorus, jump to the air while letting easily accessible melancholic minor pop chords ring out to wild space, and be sure to put a blaming index finger into the face of God upon landing. Lastly, rent a random idiot who is willing to whine about his breakup trauma or a fake riot or whatnot, and congratulations, you have just made your metalcore single. Add awesome breakdowns at your taste. Serves : a Stadium filled with zombies.

This isn't to say that the release lacks all good things. It just struggles legendarily to bring any. And WHAT those are, you wonder. As much as it pains me to say this, of COURSE they are the breakdowns. Everything else is "been there, done that, bored to death with it already, thanks". Aren't you annoyed a little bit with the "recent" trend how every metalcore randomer on the Internet is struck by awe from the metalcore breakdowns?

It's like this : "Omigod form 0:45, that brekdaun is raping my soul!! I'm 14 tomorrow and I'm so getting this!"


"Can't wait to get my preorder! Those breakdowns are out of this earth!"

Auuuua. They are not out of this Earth. They are very simplistic gap-arrangements on orthodox minigum-guitar chugging, parked into a sequencer ran by a computer, and that is that. Your taste has just been served. I'd certainly believe you if you'd say that there ARE very significant metalcore breakdowns that I'm not aware of, but there only are a very limited selection of those on this baby. The majority of breakdowns herein do belong to the methodology I have just been describing to you, and they are NOT out of this Earth, quite the contrary : they belong to consume culture, and they are made to serve out your taste. Synonym : to serve out your limitations. It is not necessary to wield immunity towards overly iterated patterns, but it in my opinion is a mistake to regard them with false awe claiming they are new. The ending riff of Meshuggah's Electric Red IS out of this Earth with capacity to shape and shock the receptors, to shape and shock your awareness. Other that that, I think "we", as a hive entity, should reserve big words like "out of this Earth" to describe sonic percepts that indeed sound to demand such rabid notions. The latest I, The Breather full length is not bad, mind you. It's worse : mediocre.

Rating : 5.0 / 10

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  1. This is a terrible and very subjective review. You just try to blend big words together to make it sound like you're making a point when in all actuality you are making none at all. You're just another person who metalcore doesn't appeal to and for that you have to hate on what you don't understand.

    1. All reviews are subjective. This is a very KIND review compared to what I really think of this album. Had this LP differ by any way or form from what I expected it to be, I would have been much more receptive to it. But it exactly is the music I thought it was going to be. Metalcore and appeal? I never knew metalcore supposed to appeal. Does not matter, metalcore fans will be buying this album and consume it as Manna. Amen, of course.


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