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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Napalm Death - Utilitarian review

Year : 2012
Genre : Grindcore
Label : Century Media
Origin : United Kingdom
Rating : 9.0 / 10

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I'm not going to lie to you (all that much) and so must admit that up to this point I never was the premiere grindcore guy, as this style seems to revolve around the desire to summon raw, rampant sonic aggression, showing strictly limited interest in the continuous chase of the patterns that deliberately-, even shamelessly seek to appeal musically in some way or another. (Melody, rhythm, God forbid a combo of those.) You already suspect that I am a snob and you surely are right, which does not prevent one from noticing on spot that this ancient grindcore band Napalm Death - the band formed in 1981 as far as I know - needs no extra help to bring down the building around you that you've started listening their latest full length contribution in. This release, simply put, is a cold blooded sonic murder-, even MURRRRRRRDAA! committed with a sledgehammer against the silly little thing called silence, and I have the related hunch that this exactly the central idea of the record is. Read on to find out more about this ruthless silence massacre that is out to end you (too) as soon and thoroughly as possible.

Napalm Death's Utilitarian LP sometimes reminds me of Deceased's All-Eradicator Surreal Overdose record, of which I was and still am blown away. Napalm Death, to silhouette out a difference that seems pretty easy to pick up on though, is hardly if ever occupied with all that much riff definition, as the "mere energy" of the band brings with itself such vile intentions that the musical instruments can't help but produce convincing results in the hands of the members. There is no other choice, if and when being tormented by these vile intents. You don't necessarily need to be able to make out the precise patterns/notes the guitar is riffing along, because it is clear that the sonic axe is possessed by a malicious energy channeled by the band member via unbound nervous system power. If music can reveal and bring you this, than that music is for real, regardless of genre and - for the most part - production values.

What I'm trying to get at, is to point out the visceral quality of this delivery, which pretty much is the only one of it, too. This is NOT a derogatory notion at all, since establishing these attributes of raw sonic intensity/intimacy are evident central desires of the LP, and Napalm Death claims the satisfaction of this complex, steep desire with a stance and artistic efficiency that does not tolerate- does not even KNOW the concept of failure. They are simply too fucking possessed to fail with their music. This is such an authentic form of raw-intensity sonic entertainment as you have ever heard so far. There are no production wizardries on display herein at all. Everything is plugged in, everything is turned all the way to the right, and all nervous systems involved in this formation are fueled by a constant high octane mania to waste all on sight. Super-visceral, hateful rabidity for the listening pleasure of your exquisite soul content and related awareness. Napalm Death still has it, as experience and time both seem to be on the band's side. Something funny I've noticed : track 11, called Blank Look About Face. Pay attention to the rhythmic structure of the base and the vocals from 0:31. Totally Faith No More's Shit. Lives. Foreva., no?

Rating : 9.0 / 10

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