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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Cranberries - Roses review

Year : 2012
Genre : Soft Rock
Label : Cooking Vinyl
Origin : Ireland
Rating : 8.0 / 10

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The new The Cranberries LP is packed with 11 exigent soft rock songs utterly compatible and recommendable for a mellow-, (semi-)intimate lounge setting, if there is such a thing at all. This Irish quartet is well beyond their rebellious period, giving you instead a finely crafted variant of soft rock music with a warm timber and extremely peaceful, adorable character to it.

The music herein is without doubt heartfelt and elegant, always exhibiting the propensity to seek out and present a legit, platitude-free musical hook in the flow. Granted, the hooks on display do belong to bonfire sonic entertainment, - exceptions are not present, in my opinion - but this is not at all meant to be a derogatory observation. Once again : the music is fine, and - (and not "but") - intentionally super-mellow on this LP. This liquidated super-assuaging quality, when communicated and revealed by the peculiar style and-, by the mere female being of fronter Dolores O'Riordan, greets your receivers as an authentic and embraceable transmission. Know that this is not something that happens automatically. You are permitted to feel discomfort when someone goes mellow on you. For example, I claim and adore my right to suffer a successive nervous breakdown and related twitches each time James LaBrie of Dream Theater sings. A woman "simply" is more natural and "appropriate" to fuel the function of sonic soul-comfort, in my opinion, but this notion partly is made so you can comment about your favorite male performers who you think are evident masters of the same craft. Luckily, this Cranberries album is totally free of James LaBrie's super-artificial mansadness-disposition. Read on to find out more about this risk free soft rock release.

As you may suspect already, Roses is an immediate addition to the secret lovemaking compilation of every weird nerd out there, and one has the hunch that, among other things, establishing a functionality like that must have been included among the premiere agendas of the band while they were working on this declaration. If and when you witness the delivery from an operational point of view, it is easy to hear and see how the band finds precious and safe pleasure by making the sung melody collide with easily accessible-, bonfire-friendly harmonic structures organized into/along orthodox progression templates. What separates this behavior from shameless cliché-exploitation, - the one you would hear on a Nickeldick LP - is the mere quality of the shape of family friendly pancake-music on display. Once again : top of the heat bonfire soft rock attractions with flawless production values. Track number 2, called "Tomorrow" is a highlight for me. Now you might ask : how does it concern you?? And my answer for you is that I do not have the slightest clue. The Cranberries' Roses does not disappoint. Warm, deeply vibrant sonic entertainment, defining a superb record to drift to sleep with, with a proper (alive) human beside you.

Rating : 8.0 / 10

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