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Monday, February 27, 2012

Asphyx - Deathhamer review

Year : 2012
Genre : Thrash Death Hybrid with a Funeral Doom fascination
Label : Century Media
Origin : The Netherlands
Rating : 9.6 / 10

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Asphyx's Deathhamer defines and unleashes straightforward, unalloyed thrash-death hybrid charisma power as an 55 minutes full length is getting fed into your awareness with a quite literally constant parade of picture perfect musical hooks. Hook on the trail of the previous hook, without end, with extremely tasteful propensity exhibited regarding variation in temper and tempo. This LP is very homogeneous in its premiere structure of submitting to the will of gargantuan, sharply defined drum work, revealing this very act by an elegantly drawn "sonic foam" of the massive rhythm guitar work. Rhythm guitar work that packs all the fine melody this particular direction sounds and seems to feel itself the best with. Indeed, the album has the shocking-, yet cunning impertinence to disregard the epitome of the solo guitar altogether, concentrating instead on bringing you compliments for the instinctive images you secretly have in your soul regarding heavy music. This fine disc, as hinted, has a virtually endless foam of those while it defines itself, throwing quality riff-, and hookcraft towards your direction with rampant efficiency. Read on to find out more about the respective characteristics of these highly beneficial tendencies.

There is a certain "direction" in superficial general consensus that tends to label this veteran band as a death metal formation, which could not be farer from the truth, in my opinion. With Deathhammer, it seems to be very clear to me that the ensemble bows to no urge and drive less than to channel from the very soul-, from the very meaning of the heat, as the compositions on this disc emerge as autonomous entities of sonic entertainment by drawing different patterns of brute elegance with the most straightforward tools heavy music has at its disposal. As stated previously, it is all about the rampant riffcraft, that which simply has no place to fail on as it can't help but define hooks on spot, that come into existence quite naturally and logically, as different sonic domains and tempers - varied pitch, varied tempo - are explored. Notice the little-, but very relevant intricacies the band compliments the respective anatomies of the riffs with, like changing the orders of the notes in the climax of a pattern, for example. A record can be 44 minutes and put you into a biter sleep with a constant tempo of fury and ferocity, - like this satanic disco metal LP - or, it can entertain you properly, as THIS baby does, "simply by" honestly seeking to satisfy that criteria. This album takes you serious. The things this LP does, exactly are the things I personally expect to be subjected to via a serious and rewarding listening experience, one that spares the sentimental bullshit and serves the fucking goodies.

The subgenres the record strolls along, are numerous : the primordial form is a hybrid of thrash and death, and the short, but super-nifty track number 9 called "Vespa Cabro" gives you more entertainment via superb and sober variation in a time interval of 2:50 than the other record I just linked ever had access to. What about the eerie sound in this track, coming in from 1:49 to haunt your receptors for five seconds? Pretty fucking emotionally disturbing! And, as such, approved, of course. The release has a surprising awareness of its own capacities, as it simply does not relent throwing stuff at you, melodic thrash death hybrid kitchen sink included in the first attack wave. As result of this drive, the album arrives to points on which it ritually and hilariously commits creative suicides on, submitting to extremities of metal reigning on the different pole than thrash and death are favorite invitees of.

Funeral doom and sludge that makes Cthulhu a happy boy are revealed on this release to spice up the delivery even more. Had the release lack these attributes, I'd still rate it well above 9 points, but, with such an unprecedentedly well varied and full musculature sonic meat structure to it, I hereby declare this release to be amidst the most powerful ones the year 2012 has graced upon us. I greatly liked a previous sentence I wrote about this delivery earlier, and will repeat it to wrap this review up. Here it is. (This wasn't it, now it comes.) The things this LP does, exactly are the things I personally expect to be subjected to via a serious and rewarding listening experience, one that spares the sentimental bullshit and serves the fucking goodies. Highly recommended.

Rating : 9.6 / 10

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