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Monday, January 13, 2014

Young Coconut - insufficient funds review

Year : 2009
Genre : Psychedelic Soft Rock
Label : Fauxtown Records
Origin : Canada
Official site : > - here - <

In an attempt to convey the related information of the text I'm about to quote - as faithfully to the original as possible, I will quote it verbatim indeed, but will throw colorful rubber circles into a pool of turmoiling pink liquid in the process. SEE? Here is "teh" data I have received from "teh" - logically enough - s(l)ENDER (man) :  

Hi, this is one of my albums, and I'd like you to review it.
Just for fun, a bit of background. I go by Young Coconut and I'm from Ontario.
I'm part of Fauxtown Records, which is an indie label here. What this album is
is my songs, and for each track, I got a different vocalist to tackle to. These singers
are people who are either part of my label, from other bands, or just people I know
that sing (and some people that aren't really singers)... so its kind of a concept album.
Check it out, looking forward to this.

Read on to know more about the release.

The name of the game is ultra-traditional psychedelics, hyperoptimized to the kind of variant that enjoys the approval of your Papi and premiere LSD High Priest Limothy Teary. The compositions are exploitative, meaning that they are constantly chased by an urge to exhibit inventive changes in their perennial shapes and related moods. I like this fact. I'm 100% sure that the artist and his collaborators would have been able to deliver self-reflective/prolonged builds had they wanted to, but seeing psychedelics on a "relatively relentless" - I think I just lost a level - yet modestly controlled inner sonic rampage is good fun for the whole consensus reality fabric experience. The production values of the effort reflect organic-luscious consciousnessfuckery power, after all, it IS your consciousness. Once a guitar is stuck to you and glints collide with your sights wherever you park them, the only way out is to skim yourself through the reality fabric like you MEAN it. What I mean by this, is the following : the disc intentionally concentrates on shorter, more rigorously focused builds, and totally and completely rejects the idea of taking itself serious. Thank not only for the Goddess of All Pink Rubber Tits, but for God herself - see my hack, Lover? - and for Limothy Teary, too! Attempting to be funny actually can work, if you manage to conceal your intentions to be funny in a way that I do not feel obliged to look for your covert intent, because what you are doing in front of me, is much more intriguing and steals my attention. NOW we are "talking". The disc is of varied content power chararacter. It is free of suspicious and humiliating hesitation, yet sometimes it fails to realize that a vocalist should just apologize and admit that it was a bad idea. Well, you can't humiliate someone unless they are explicitly express their needs and fascination for/with it, and they just did. The spin nevertheless demands unconditional respect for its willingness to accept anything and everything that have came out of the vocalists, because, this actually is the main idea. There is a certain charm to the act when you are letting it out in 1 stand, and fail to give a shit how it will register in a sentient anatomy. As said, there IS such charm, but do that too often and welcome to the world of rabid amateurs and relentless attention seekers. A professional - or professionell, depending on your sociocultural credo and stature - still makes mistakes, but never makes the same mistake twice. The most charismatic aspect of this disc is its ability to dance on the edge of this razor thin field of operation without losing credence in the process. As such, the disc manages convincingly successful as a psychedelic declaration of fun. Notice the ending of the song "did you see me" - very richly detailed, sinister fabric and there is so much going on! I would be curious of an instrumental disc from the artist, arranged for the same thematics.

Check out Young Coconut's "insufficient funds" - > here. (AH!, the irony.)

GyZ at Bandcamp.

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