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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thomas Schoenberger - Ghost Dance

Thomas Schoenberger is an American music composer who opens 2014 up with unleashing his "Ghost Dance" experience on mainstream public awareness. Since the interconnection between music and imagery is ultra-organic and of the uttermost narrative relevance, this time I will consciously refrain from offering my subjective "opinion", as mine is not anymore, nor any less relevant than the virtually infinite number of that of others, invoked by perfectly legitimate fellow intelligences. What seems to be quite evident, is the following : Thomas Schoenberger aims to summarize the perennial experiences of wo(man)kind, dating back to the plethoras of paradigmic inventions and calamities - the great tragedies of historic significance all included. I know from personal experience that German people are traumatized into hypnosis-grade guilt in the context of WW2, courtesy of the educational system, even though the current German gene bank hardly could held responsible for sins committed by a regime led by ambitions rabid enough to entertain the idea of planetary domination via occult resources. Yes, it is important to remember, but it equally is important to have the will to forgive. This is the most supreme spiritual act you could pull off, so why not take your chances at it? If you prove to be unable to forgive - then this tells quite much about you, too, doesn't it? 

Watch the video below and let it take you where it may.

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