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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oktayne - Prime Potential review

Year : 2014
Genre : Hip Hop
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Oktayne did not sport idle hands nor muted microphones since his 2012 full length Feature Presentation - review here - and now the California native is about to invade your sonar receptors with his fresh attempt to declare himself as a voice you not only want-, but need to relate to if to regard yourself as a competent aficionado of the independent hip hop scene of 2014. Oktayne, fortunately enough, chose to keep the delightful, fun, entertaining direction he was treading on intact, resulting in an experience that once again exhibits excessive urges to throw your way as many sounds as possible per second, arranged on retroid - yet, paradoxically : fresh-sounding - backdrops of true, larger than life mid tempo subwooffer pummel power. Read on to know more.

As mentioned, Oktayne still sounds be a laid back and peaceful hip hop guy, who now seemingly transitions through the highly relevant evolutionary process of striking up a creative balance between two of his favorite behavioral extremes : rampant embellishments "VS" hooks of quite monolithic harmonic power, offered along more orthodox builds that are quite straightforward at heart, but maintain the right to surprise with well researched methods of commonality-interruption. The entry called "Summer Vacation" is a good example of the latter methodology, as we are talking about a track containing a piano hook that successfully rearranges your inner images of Godzilla-grade harmonies, pulling this feat off from a spirituale direction. The relevance of this occurrence is considerable, as Oktayne manages to put a gentle finger to the common/shared pulsation of spirituale and hip hop without blaming any ingredients of this unusual-, yet ever-so logical stylistic pair.

The album still is coated in Oktayne's over-the-top retro video game music charms, - his vocal delivery still is brisk, funnily impertinent, and conveys an authentically friendly, non-violent timber/disposition in which black on black crime is only a possibility if you happen to stumble on the doorstep of your neighbor, and your dick accidentally gets stuck in the neighbor's wife. Add to these fascinations the secret soundbank of the Motown music factory, - I have no idea how Oktayne obtained those, but I'm pretty sure he has all the secret codes worth dreaming of - as a conscious decision is observable not only to pump these patterns up to extreme proportions, but your host also shows increased amount of inventive, brave movements per track - track 9, called "MurdaSelfEsteem" is a prime - pun intended, of course - example on how rabid Oktayne can go as, exploring ideas of widely varied character, offering the zones of interconnection with cleverly placed samples which he offers pretty much all along the way. The very next entry, "Really Really" showcases the trademark rhetorics of this artist, a rhetoric by which nothing is meant to be taken dead serious, but nothing is offered without a grit AND clear underlying intent in it.

A quite well researched and soulfully created full length, one that showcases true creative ambition and I feel the statement will give the artist the jump start for a successful, High Oktayne 2014.

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